What Does Your Ride Say About Your Lifestyle?

For some people, a car is just a machine that helps them travel from one place to another. But for many, it’s much more than that: it’s an expression of one’s personality and says a lot about a person’s lifestyle.

Granted, none of what follows is a one-to-one correlation: not all Audi drivers love road cycling, and not all people who buy Honda used cars like bird watching and kayaking. But you’d be surprised just how much information you can glean about how a person spends their time from what they drive.

If You Drive A Jaguar, You Like Posh Food


People who own Jaguars tend to be a friendly and agreeable bunch. They like to be the life and soul of the party and tend to come from educated backgrounds. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Jaguar owners have something of a penchant for shopping at Waitrose. Where else can you get great caviar to put on your blinis? Not Tesco, that’s for sure.

If You Drive A Land Rover, You Like DIY And Hiking

Land Rovers are explicitly practical vehicles. Prominent in the front and spacious at the rear, there’s not much that they can’t tackle. Steep rocky roads or large families: they can do it all in style.

What type of person would choose a Land Rover? Well, they’re likely to be eminently practical. Land Rovers aren’t the sleekest of vehicles. They prioritise space over style. And so the people who own them are those who also have a practical bent, hence their love of DIY.

People who buy Land Rovers also love being out in the countryside, whether in their vehicles or not. Hiking is a favourite past time for these folks. They roll up to curbside parking in a national park, grab their walking poles, and set off for the hills.

If You Drive A Lexus, You’re A High Flyer

In the UK, Lexus cars are comparatively rare. Yes, you do see them from time to time, but they’re nothing like as common as they are in the US or Canada.

What are people that drive Lexus cars like? Some would say charming and romantic: others level-headed and committed to their work.

Lexus owners tend to be high flyers. They’re the sort of people who can think about the prospect of buying a car from a non-practical perspective. There’s no reason to own a Lexus in the UK or pay all those hefty import duties, but if you’ve got the money, why not?

If You Drive A Merc, You Like Investing In Property

Property investors need to have their ear to the ground all the time, listening for signs that the market might be taking a turn for the better or worse. People who drive Mercedes, therefore, tend to be diligent people with excellent attention to detail.

Mercedes is a great brand for people making lots of money in property. The company offers extraordinary cars that don’t attract lots of unwanted attention, perfect for folks who want to blend in.

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