Luxe Items Every Man Should Own Before They Are 30!

While us guys don’t tend to be known for our shopaholic tendencies, there are a few essential items that every man should own before they hit their 30th birthday. In fact, you can find out what they are and get some advice on choosing the versions that will suit you best in my post below.

A nice watch

Not all guys wear jewellery, but most wear a watch. Of course day to day it doesn’t matter too much if you go for that £19.99 retro style Casio model. However, when it comes to high days, holidays and special occasions you’ll want something a bit nicer, and that doesn’t look daft with your suit.

With that in mind, a very popular and famous option to consider when it comes to choosing a nice watch is a Rolex. The cheapest offering of which will set you back around £3000! They do, of course, go up to a whopping £90,000 plus for a Sea Dweller, which is unlikely to be in everyone’s price range. Unless they start saving early on or have a very generous family that like to give fancy gifts come Birthday time!

Not everyone, however, will opt for a Rolex, and a viable alternative to this is the brand Tag Heuer. In fact, Tags are generally less expensive than Rolex with the starting price at just under £1000, and their most popular Aquaracer range clocking in at £1500. Something that can make this brand more of a viable cost to cover before that 30 birthday hits.

A decent car

Another purchase that guys should make before their big three-O is a decent automobile! Now, what kind of car this will depend on your personal taste and budget level, but there are some particular kinds of cars, and models that spring to mind.

In fact, for guys that are looking for something sporty to drive during warmer weather a New Audi A5 Cabriolet can be a great choice. After all, it not only looks the part but has a soft top that you can drop when the sun comes out too.

Alternatively, a different kind if vehicle all together that is as popular is a Range Rover 2019 model. Now, this is not your average luxe car and has even been described as a Bentley with the power of a tractor. Something that not only makes it stylish but practical as well.

A classy passport cover

Of course, it great to have a smart leather passport cover, but this one is really all about the symbolism. The reason being that every guy should make an effort to travel and see the world for they are thirty.

In fact, experiencing different cultures and seeing the sites in other places can really broaden your mind, and help you to work out what direction you want to take in life.

Remember too that even though the passport cover is luxe, it doesn’t mean you travel has to be. In fact, you can see the world on a reasonable budget if you are careful about where you stay and what you do. Something that means this one is well within the financial grasp of every man.

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