5 reasons competitive sports are good for you

There is more focus on sports becoming increasingly competitive in schools and as hobbies. There was a time when educationalists thought that children should receive an award just for taking part but recently, coaches are defending the need for children and adults to be competitive.

Competition can have advantages and disadvantages, but here are some of the reasons why competition is healthy for us.

Without competition, there would be no need to motivate ourselves or others. When there is something to win or achieve, we tend to work harder and drive ourselves to meet that goal. Without that push, many people would never achieve what they’re truly capable of. In fact, many people would never even realise the extent of their capabilities. Having something to strive for makes us reach that little bit further every time.

Manage our nerves

We all have times where our nerves get the better of us. Whether it’s being interviewed for a new job or doing a driving test, there are times when our nerves make us fail at things we’re more than capable of doing. Playing competitive sports is a fantastic way to learn to deal with nerves and excess energy. Learning coping methods for nerves as a young person is a lesson we can all take into adulthood and use for the rest of our lives.

Competition Isn’t Scary
The thought of competing can put some people off. If you’ve been taught to fear or avoid competition, it’s understandable why you’d steer clear of competitive sports. But, competitive sports should never be feared. In fact, you can make some lifetime friends in competition. Whether you bond over your love of swimming or the fact you both have a​ ​Fujin Rucksack​ isn’t important. Taking away the fear and replacing it with enjoyment could make sports truly fulfilling for many people.

It’s okay to take risks
Taking part in competitive sports will teach you that it’s okay to take some risks. And what is life without a little risk? The same rule can be applied to anything in life, whether it’s a job or a relationship. Engaging in sports will​ ​build your confidence​ and that confidence will spread into other areas of your life. The same goes for humility. Learning to be a gracious loser will set you up for the times when risks don’t pay off.

Goal setting
If you want to achieve anything in life, you need to set the goal first. Competition will teach you how to set goals​ and how to achieve them. It can also teach you how to set deadlines for your goals and check on your progress at different intervals. These are vital life lessons that can be easily learned while you’re enjoying yourself. Most people don’t even realise they’re learning

these skills as they’re competing. You’ll also learn to play by the rules in order to reach your goals.
Even if you’re not a competitive person, playing competitive sports can still have a huge positive impact on every area of your life.

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