12 Sports Way More Fun Than The Gym

We all know we need to be doing exercise, but if you can’t see yourself at the gym and the sports you’ve done in the past fill you with dread, then what else can you do? Keeping fit doesn’t have to be a chore; it doesn’t have to be something you dread. Actually, it can be entertaining, really social and you could learn a new skill too, here’s a list of enjoyable sports you could try which will keep you fit, make you laugh and entertain you also.


Paddle Boarding

Supposed to be amazing for your abs and it’s a great way to get out on the water too!

Ultimate Frisbee

A fast-moving sport played in teams with a flying disc; there are leagues and teams playing at all levels – local, national and even international, get involved!.

Tag rugby

People often get put off playing rugby because of all the contact and the tackling, but here’s a great option, a mixed sport, enjoyable and social and it’s basically non-contact rugby.

Generally played in the seven-a-side format. Cork Tag Rugby run mixed social leagues on astro-turf for our Autumn and Winter leagues.


It’s so much fun there’s even a film about it. Dodgeball is perhaps one of the crazier team sports but you never know, you might just be really good at it.

Salsa dancing

Salsa dancing is a fantastic way to meet people and an amusing way to spend an evening.

Ice skating

While it might feel weird going to an ice rink in the middle of summer, you can really feel the burn after whizzing around for an hour, and it never fails to be amusing.


There are indoor climbing centres all over the country; this could even lead to you taking this sport very seriously and climbing actual mountains – how fun!

Horse riding

Some people might say that this is a difficult one to do if you don’t live in the countryside – but actually, if you investigate, there are stables all around, and it’s a lovely sport to have a go at.


Not only is this a lot of fun, but kayaking also means you can get up close and explore beautiful waterways.


This is meant to really help with flexibility and balance; Barre offers a perfect mix of stretching and toning to help you sculpt the ballet body you’re after.

Frisbee/disc golf

This involves throwing the discs at a target, it’s a really popular sport, and there are over 30 courses across the UK so have a look if there’s one near you.


Either go to one of the trampoline parks and behaving like a kid for the afternoon, playing in giant foam pits or you could go to a trampoline session and learn how to tuck jump, straddle and seat drop. Either way, it’s a load of fun and will keep you fit.

Which one will you be trying?

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