Warmer weather on the way: Get road ready with these tyres tips

As we get further through March and into Spring, we’ll finally get rid of the unpredictable British cold weather and lighter evenings become the norm. Admittedly, until then, we have to deal with 15 degrees one day, snow the next as we get to grips with what is actually going on with the weather. With this in mind though, there’s never any harm in getting ready for the warmer weather, and one thing to think about is the tyres on your car.


It’s something we quite often forget about, but how many of you changed your tyres for the winter months? We’re actually supposed to change our tyres twice a year but i’ll admit I didn’t do this, but i’m still going to check over my tyres (and car as a whole) ready for the warmer months, and it’s never too early to start. Getting tyres in Dundee is not a problem anymore. With Fife Autocentre you can book your tyres online in just few clicks – that too free of cost.

I did a bit of research into what I should actually be looking out for, as i’m not the most car savvy person, as long as my car looks good, is clean and gets me from A to B that’s all that matters. I figured if I don’t know, then you might not know either, so i’ve put together this little guide below on what to check up on.

Tyres treads

Did you know there’s actually such a thing as summer tyres? Well there is, but what’s the difference? When the weather rises above 7°C they are recommended, and they have high grip traction on both wet and dry roads due to a different tread pattern.

The tyre treads are 7 and 8mm on summer tyres, compared to winter which are 8 and 9mm, so keep an eye out for this. Summer tyres harden quickly in cold temperatures, whereas Winter ones do not.

Regular tyre pressure checks

This is something i’ve actually started to do a lot more, and that is checking my tyre pressures, which can be easily done at most service stations of fuel stations, just make sure you have about 50p to put into the machine. I always top my water up at the same time to, to get the most out of my money.

You’ll find in either your handbook or on the inside of your door the different tyre pressures you should have, with the front being slightly different to the back so look out for this. What is important though, is if you are driving on warmer roads, your tyre pressures should be slightly higher than usual.

Save money

It’s good to be proactive in these situations, rather than reactive. It’s best (and cheaper) to get in there early with getting your tyres ready for the warmer months, as opposed to getting them fixed once you’ve broke down on the side of the road. With that in mind, plenty of garages and autocentres will be happy to provide advice and great prices getting in there now. There’s also plenty of websites out there to compare the prices of tyres, so do some research first before going into a garage to get them fitted.

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