Finishing University this year? Planning for the next chapter…

So, you’ve weathered the storm and managed to hold out to the very end. Degree in the bag and a whole load of other things you’ve accumulated over the years along side random objects of sentimentality that whole no real value from shot glasses to a curly straw you stole from that hot guys cup in the club and swore to your mates you’d marry him before the night was through. University is an exciting, sometimes confusing time but it perhaps only gets a little frightening when all of a sudden, the reason you’re not going to lectures is because they’re over instead of the fact that you’re too hungover and couldn’t summon the will to get out of bed. So, what’s next, how will you go about it and how do you move on from the inconceivable blur of biohazard dishes, Smirnoff decorated window sills and 2 for 1 Thursdays in dally bar?


Choosing where to live

First things first, where do you want to live? Being homeless isn’t very highly rated these days so if there’s a place to start it would have to be your next address. If moving back in with mum and dad sounds worse than the night that banana flavoured sambuca came back up threw your nose then its time to review your housing options. Should you be lucky enough to have put away some money over the last few years and created some description of a savings account then you could be looking at getting on to the property ladder. Buying a home is a great investment and you can now do it without having to pay a £20,000 deposit. Help to buy offers properties for sale in Islington to Ancoats and with just a 5% deposit you could buy a city apartment with just £5000. You may also want to look into shared ownership which could have you paying a deposit as little as 2.5% and with shared ownership in Newham, Brighton, London and Cheshire, you can find somewhere not too far from mum and dad (but obviously not too close either).

Further education

You may be raring to leave university and jump into the world of work or perhaps you quite enjoyed the bit where you don’t have to get up at 6am for an unnerving commute into an office that’s slightly too warm and who’s coffee tastes like it’s been picked out of someone’s car exhaust that morning. Yes, you’ll be considerably richer but if you’re not too keen on the idea then there are plenty of options beyond degree level. You can apply to do a masters degree in a completely different part of the UK or even the world should you fancy an extra year or two attending lectures and with a degree in your bag pocket you can pick a field you really want to go into even if it isn’t directly related to your degree.

Take a gap year

So, you missed out on the camp America fleet when you were fresh from college – why not go now? You may have a slightly more damaged liver and an unhealthier sleeping pattern than your college days but travelling in your twenties can come with its own advantages. You’re considerably more streetwise now you have lived with other people, had to deal with their dishes accumulating toxic waste on the side and have probably learnt how to make it home safely post 12 shots, girls crying in bathrooms and drinks being thrown at exes. So, keeping your wits about you in a foreign country, be it China, Thailand or Brazil, may seem like a walk in the park compared with Saturday night in Wetherspoons. Exploring the world may turn out to be just the thing you need to realise what you truly want in life. So whether you come back looking for a job in the city, you decide to create your own app and become an Instagram millionaire or you’re straight on to looking for houses for sale in Greenwich (next door to mum and dad after all) at least you’ll know you’ve seen a little more of the world beforehand.

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