Protect your home for the winter season with these technology hacks

The winter season brings with it many problems when it comes to everyday living, especially in Britain. We are yet to be hit with the cold weather of a snow and ice variety, but temperatures are definitely dropping. We’re often reminded on the news that snow is on its way and last year the icy weather took us right through to mid-April, which created a mass panic of conversations around global warming, summer not appearing and (in my own personal life) a broken down car due to the cold weather, which ended up pretty expensive.


Anyway, enough of my problems, it’s important to prepare things like your car and home in preparation for cold weather and for everyday general life. Making sure your home is safe can vary from everything between being child proof, home insurance for your goods and gadgets, checking over appliances to ensure there’s no unnecessary problems and to make sure your homes security is up to scratch. In this blog post I’m going to take a look at some of the useful ways you can protect your home from all of these kinds of things, and some useful purchases that could be made.

Smart Home Alarms

Gone are the days of gadgets around the home just being for entertainment or to play on. Nowadays, most homes are fitted with a variety of gadgets and smart technology that can help with everyday life. Most of these gadgets are now made possible due to our access to handheld smart appliances, such as our iPhones or tables, that enable us to connect to our house whilst out and on the move, everything from fridges telling you when the door is open, changing the lights and heating through your phone and getting live updates on intruders or knocks at the door are now made possible.

One gadget that really interests me is the option for home security. Back in the day this used to just be sensors triggering any movement in the home and an alarm going off, but now there is the option to create a camera set up every time someone knocks at your door, pretty smart right? Home alarm systems have now become pretty adaptable for everyday life, with the ability to prevent a break-in in under a minute whilst you’re not there, even taking photos of the home once the alarm has detected an intruder and sounded the alarm. Highly recommended!

Setting up your home insurance through an app


Your phone isn’t just for downloading games, swiping for dates and tweeting what you had for breakfast. When downloading apps, have you ever thought about picking the ones that could be useful for outside of digital life? There’s plenty of apps out there for making life easier, such as online banking, organising your contacts, making lists and working out where you’re going through apps, but there’s also plenty of brands and companies who are creating their own apps for customers or potential customers to use when buying their products, or a portal for those already using the product. This is particularly useful when it comes to sorting your home insurance out for the winter season.

Due to technologies in the apps, you can now get instant price quotes for flexible home insurance cover as and when you need it, instead of going through phone lines or in branch. So if you have bought a new gadget or plenty of new, expensive clothing, you can just log in to the apps available and update this, giving instant update to your cover, which is pretty handy! It’s also possible get all your documentation through the apps now too, so realistically you never really have to talk to anyone.

Childproofing the home

It’s easier than ever to childproof your home thanks to a variety of technology options, and it’s also a lot easier to communicate with the local neighbourhood regarding protecting your children, thanks to social media and apps like Nextdoor (which allows you to bring together communities and share information).


One thing that really caught my eye though is the Nest thermostat, which was originally created for what the name intended, however has now been advanced to include a small camera which can be placed in the child’s room, maybe on a shelf or something, allowing you to check in on your little one whilst they are playing or sleeping, and you get instant updates on your phone whilst you are around the home doing chores or even just enjoying that well earnt relaxation time.

What are your top tips for protecting the home in everyday life? Are you utilising the technologies available to use nowadays? Let us know in the comments below…

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