Why the Underwear You Wear Makes Such a Difference

Now, here’s a topic I don’t think I have ever covered before – men’s underwear. Whether you wear boxers, briefs, A Fronts or hipsters what you wear under your clothes can make a difference to you in some surprising ways. Read on, and I promise you that the next time you go to somewhere like jacamo.co.uk to stock up you will find yourself taking a slightly different approach.


Wearing the wrong underwear is bad for your health

Making sure that your underwear fits properly is quite important for your health. Here are just a couple of reasons this is the case.

Tight underwear may reduce sperm motility

A study carried out on behalf of The United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence found that tight underwear restricted sperm motility. So, if you want to become a father, wearing anything that is too constrictive is something you really need to avoid. You can read the study yourself, by clicking here.

The wrong underwear can make you more prone to infections

Yeast infections are more commonly associated with women. But, it is possible for men to get them too. If you wear underwear that does not allow enough air to circulate your risk of being affected by this infection is higher. This is because the bacteria involved thrive in warm and moist conditions. When there is enough air circulating you stay drier, which makes it harder for the infection to take hold.

The right underwear ensures that you always look your best

When your underwear is too tight, or even too loose, you can end up inadvertently showing more of yourself than you intended, which can be embarrassing. This is why when you decide to change from say briefs to boxers you should double check how everything looks when you are wearing your favorite jeans, suit or training bottoms.

If you are carrying a little extra weight, underwear that cuts into you will make you look awful. It will create extra bulges, which is the last thing you need.

The other problem with wearing underwear that does not fit right is that it is very uncomfortable. It is hard to relax and feel confident when your underwear is bunching up or cutting into you.  Not to mention the fact that it is distracting and can restrict your freedom of movement. Something you do not need if you are trying to work out or focus on something complicated.

Considering all of the above, when you find underwear that looks good on you and feels comfortable, it makes sense to continue to wear that style. So, if someone buys you something that is not suitable, as a gift, you really should not be shy about changing it. Just remember to keep the packaging, and not to remove any hygiene stickers, so that you can exchange it for your preferred items of underwear.

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