Top gifts for Winter travellers this Christmas

Something a little different to your usual Christmas gift guide, as i’ve decided to focus on those friends of family members who plan on going travelling at some point. These gifts are not only useful for those moving between countries, but are also great for those living out of a suitcase, and fashionable too.


Good quality sunglasses

More than likely if they’re travelling around Asia, South America or Australia, they’re going to be hit with some sunshine whilst we’re complaining about snowy transport disruptions. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of quality sunglasses. I was recently visiting Hong Kong and my sunglasses were a lifesaver (apart from the unfortunate Typhoon I managed to survive).

I got a good pair from SmartBuyGlasses, which are very reasonably priced for big name brands. I’m a big fan of clubmaster style glasses, and although I usually venture towards Ray-Ban, I actually went for a pair from Dsquared2, in particular the Geremy style, which I was shocked were less than £100 as i’d seen them for a lot more elsewhere. They have a whole load of brands including Oakley, Adidas, Tom Ford and Persol.

Kit them out with a battery charger

If you’re going to buy something for someone who’s travelling, then you may as well make it useful. Let’s be fair, they’re not going to be wanting to carry out presents and items unless it’s something that would be beneficial to them. There’s no point travelling if you can’t take photos of the places you visit, and there’s no point having a camera or a phone if you can’t charge it up!

I spotted this charger from a brand called MEEM that works with iPhones or iPads and it actually backs up all your photos and data on to the charging device as you go, meaning you can charge your item up to take more photos, but also make sure your clear all the space off your device without losing everything! You can also go back and check over everything stored through the MEEM app.

Comfy travel options

This is something I actually wish I had when I was on the plane to Abu Dhabi, and then Hong Kong. It was two 8 hour flights and even though planes are comfier than they used to be, I found it hard to sleep, and definitely wish I had a good quality travel pillow!

The best one I have seen since checking online in time for my next travel trip, is the Infinity pillow, which folds up really small to pack away, but it’s unique feature is that it wraps into a number of different styles to protect head, back and neck. It’s also great as a noise-cancelling device!


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