7 Tricks To Get Cheaper Internet

A good internet connection is a necessity for everybody these days. You might not think that you’re that reliant on it but if you went without it for a few days you’d realize just how much you use it. The internet bill is a big monthly expense for most people but the thing is, you’re probably spending more than you need to be. There are all sorts of tricks that providers use to get you to pay over the odds for your internet package each month. But the good news is, there are a lot of tricks that you can use yourself to push the price down again. If you’re just paying the bill every month without considering how much it’s costing you, you’re wasting a lot of money. It’s time to take another look at your internet package and use these simple methods to get yourself a better deal.


Don’t Rely On The Big Providers

This is a common piece of advice that you hear when trying to cut your energy bills but it’s just as true when you’re trying to find an internet deal. The big providers have a lot of money behind them so they can afford to put out a lot of adverts boasting about how great their deals are. But there are a lot of other providers out there that might be able to give you a cheaper deal. The best thing to do is use a comparison site where you can check your postcode and see all of the providers in your area. Don’t let the recognizable brands fool you into thinking that they’re going to get you the best deals. Look at all of the options that are available and find the cheapest ones in your area.

Switch Regularly

Most providers will entice you with an introductory deal that gives you a reduced price or better speeds for the first few months but after that, the price is going to shoot up. A lot of people end up sticking with the same provider after the price hikes because it’s just easier to carry on with your provider and not bother switching. But companies will gradually increase the price over time and after a while, you’ll be paying way more than you need to be. That’s why it’s important that you keep an eye on prices and switch regularly, whenever it benefits you. Changing your internet provider isn’t that much work and it’s worth it if you can save yourself a lot of money.

Watch Out For Exit Fees

It’s no surprise that internet providers don’t want you switching when they start putting their prices up which is why a lot of tariffs have exit fees. If you want to leave before you’ve been with them for a certain period, you’ll have to pay a hefty lump sum to get out. You need to watch out for these exit fees in the contract before you sign up to a new provider. If you can find deals that don’t charge exit fees to start with, it’s a lot easier to change providers and get a better deal later on. It’s also important that you know the law surrounding exit fees because sometimes, you can challenge them. If the provider puts the price up by a lot and you want to leave, they’re going to try to charge you the exit fees. But there are laws to protect you in this situation and you can challenge the exit fee. It depends on how big the price hike is and whether it was agreed beforehand as part of an introductory deal, but it’s always worth challenging it. The provider is also required to give you one month’s notice in writing if they’re going to increase the prices, if they haven’t done that, you can challenge them again.

If you like your current provider but you aren’t happy about the exit fees, you can bargain with them. Tell them that you want to stay but if they aren’t prepared to keep your price the same then you’ll leave and you’ll be challenging the exit fees as well. In most cases, they’ll compromise with you.

Haggle At The Right Time

People don’t realize just how much you can haggle with internet providers. It’s a great way to get a reduced rate, but you’ve got to do it right. Timing is very important here. If you’re nowhere near the end of your contract and you start asking for a better price, you don’t really have a leg to stand on. If you can’t get out of the contract either way, they’ve got no incentive to reduce your price. But if you wait until you’re near the end of the contract, you’ll have a much better chance. They want to keep your business and get you to renew that contract. If you tell them that you’re happy with the service but you could get a better price elsewhere, they’ll be tripping over themselves to cut your price and keep you with them.

Know Your Alternatives

That strategy only works if you actually can get a better price somewhere else and, chances are, your internet provider will know whether you can or not. You can’t just go in demanding a better price without something to back it up. That’s why you need to research all of the other prices (using a comparison site). Then you can give examples of better deals when you’re trying to haggle. If your current provider isn’t willing to beat those prices then you know where else you can go.

Be Realistic About Your Needs

When you’re setting up your internet package, they’re going to try to sell you the most expensive high speed internet. But you don’t always need to pay for that. If you’re streaming a lot of movies on your home entertainment system and downloading music all of the time, high speed fibre optic is worth paying for. But if you’re just using the internet to check social media and send a few emails, there’s no need to buy expensive high speed internet. Don’t let the sales people fool you into paying for a service you don’t need. Think properly about your needs and find a tariff that suits you.

You also need to consider your usage limit. The majority of people pay for unlimited usage but not everybody needs it. Again, if you’re streaming or downloading then you’re going to eat through a lot of data so you probably do need unlimited usage. But if you’re only browsing web pages, you won’t actually use that much internet at all. You can make do with a limited internet tariff that will be a lot cheaper.

Use The Right Phrases


When you’re haggling with your internet provider over the phone, there are some certain phrases that will help push negotiations your way. ‘I’ve looked over my budget and I can’t pay more than X amount,’ is a good one. It shows them that you aren’t willing to go any higher so they’ll either agree and give you the price or they’ll disagree and accept that you’re going to leave for another provider.

‘Somebody else can do it for less,’ is another great one. It subtly lets them know that you could easily go elsewhere and get a better price but you want to stay with them as long as they can match it.

‘I need to think about it,’ will really worry them. They don’t want you to go away and think about it because that gives you more time to find a better deal. They want you to agree to something right there and then so they’ll be more likely to drop the price for you.

If you use these simple haggling methods when you’re finding a new internet provider, you can save yourself a lot of money.

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