How To Get The Gift You Want This Christmas

Start practicing that face now!

You know the face we mean. The one that looks surprised, excited, and grateful. That face we have all learned to mould to deal with that one expected blight on our otherwise wonderful Christmas. And no, we aren’t talking about the moment your gran drops another brussel sprout onto your dinner plate. We are talking about the moment when you open up the Christmas gift you have received from your nearest and dearest, only to be confronted with something that is definitely not up your street. It might be a novelty tie, a film you have seen a thousand times before, or a box of chocolates that does not sit well with your diet plans. It could be one of a million gifts, each one of which could be meaningless, useless, and quite frankly, unwanted.


But hey, you smile, do that face, and thank the person, while secretly wishing you had spent less time stressing about your own present buying for the person who has unwittingly wronged you! Still, it’s Christmas, and it’s all part of the festivities.


If you would rather get something like this, rather than the miserable gift that is this monstrosity, now is the time to read our guide on how to get the gift you want this Christmas.

Tell people directly. If you don’t want a nasty surprise in your Christmas stocking, you can save yourself and the gift buyer a lot of embarrassment by just telling them what you want. Provided you accommodate the person’s budget, this is one of the best ways to get exactly what you want. Sure, you may come across a bit cheeky, but so long as you ask with politeness (without any hint of greed or desperation), then you are going to have an efficient, if unsurprising, Christmas.

Start dropping hints. Of course, if you do feel cheeky about asking directly, you may want to drop hints instead. When you’re window shopping with your partner, comment on things you want him/her to notice. Should you be browsing online, leave the window open for other people to stumble across it. And put the item you want into sentences, at every available opportunity. Remember that timing is everything, of course, as you don’t want to drop any hint while the person is otherwise distracted by something else!

Make a wishlist. Many stores allow you to make a wishlist online, so create an account, and fill it with all of the things you would like for Christmas. Then email your wishlist to your friends and family, or link it through your social media accounts. This is another way of asking for what you want, but this is a less cheeky way of doing it than telling people to their face, and at least people will have some option of choice when working out what to buy you for Christmas.

Ask for money or a gift card. If you don’t want to ask people for what you want, the next best thing (other than hinting), is asking for cash or a gift card. This way, you can get exactly what you want, as you will have the means to afford the item you are after. However, if asking for a gift card, ensure it’s for the right store, as you don’t want to be stuck with a card for a store that is completely irrelevant for what you want. Still, if this does happen, you can always swap the card for cash with somebody else, so all isn’t lost should this be the case on Christmas morning!

Be wise with your gift giving. If you do want people to give you something worthwhile, the least you can do is make an effort with the gifts you buy them. This is something you should operate all year round, for whatever celebration is relevant. Buy them a thoughtful gift, and in turn, they should be more considerate to what you want for Christmas. Buy them something last-minute or generic, then you may well get the same in return. In the end, you only have yourself to blame!

These are just some of the ways to get what you want, and we hope they have been helpful to you. Start to use some of our tips now, and that face you pull on Christmas morning will be genuine, instead of something that you have to fake to make the gift giver feel as if they have done a good job. On second thoughts, if you do get a terrible gift, don’t pull that face at all. Pull the expression that best sums up your feelings, and the giver may be so embarrassed this time, that when Christmas rolls around again, he/she will be desperate not to make the same faux pas again. Result!!

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  1. We buy them a thoughtful gift, and in turn, they should be more considerate of what you want for Christmas. this is a less cheeky way of doing it than telling people to their face, and at least people will have some option of choice when working out what to buy you for Christmas.

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