The Type Of Cars That Do Well In Adverse Conditions

If you’re from the UK, you’ll know all about the term ‘adverse conditions’. This doesn’t usually refer to when it has been raining because well, it rains all the time in the UK. it does however, pertain to a set of circumstances that take away the normal advantages or rather normalities of driving on the roads. You can expect a globular mess of snow, white ice, melting ice that turns into slush when it gets mixed with the grit and salt, standing pools of water, black ice, dirt and mud from the side of the road being smeared over the road due to the sheer rainwater and etc. As you can imagine, driving a normal everyday car is going to be a nightmare through all of that. And that’s completely true it is, but that’s because the jack of all trades cars aren’t designed for these conditions. There are certain types of cars that are however.

Longer wheelbases

The longer your wheels are apart from each other, the more stability you have. Each wheel is at the far end of the car’s weight, therefore it is in an advantageous position as the leverage of the car’s weight is easier. So if you would like a car that is going to handle well in adverse conditions, you may want to buy yourself an 4×4 estate. Certain models that fit this description are the Subaru Outback, Audi A6 all-road, Skoda Octavia Scout, Volvo V60, BMW 5 Series Touring and the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. All of these cars are designed to be driven just as easily through the countryside as through the city. However, they really shine in adverse conditions easily able to drive down dirt tracks, slippery roads and battle aquaplaning through side streets.

Built to conquer

If you have a good knowledge of cars, you will already be aware that some cars are just built to conquer any kind of terrain and conditions. But if you’re not aware of these cars, they’re very easy to understand also because they come from a basic background. The original Land Rover Discovery was incredibly simple but very effective. It was built to climb hills and traverse across, wet, slippery and dry conditions without having to change anything or much to the car. The modern variants such as the Range Rover are just as good if not better at doing this. They’re not that expensive either as used range rover prices can vary £60,000 to higher. Considering that it’s the latest model, this is a fantastic price if you want a vehicle that can champion anything thrown at it.

Small but mighty

The WRC has brought the little hatchback back to life as it were. Small but nimble, fitting a 4×4 drive system to this kind of design means that it can take on most road conditions. So if you want something small but mighty to tackle the harsh weather, buy a car like a Honda Civic, Ford Focus and the Subaru Impreza.

There are several models on the market that can handle adverse conditions, but there are only a few types of categories that can do this. The 4×4 estate and the 4×4 hatchbacks are relatively new to this kind of ability, but the original 4×4 Land Rovers and Range Rovers have been doing this for a long time.

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