Looking Awesome For Your Christmas Party

Now that November is almost upon us, party season is around the corner and if you are organised you might already be thinking about how you can look your best and impress the office at your Christmas party this year. It can be fun to find the perfect outfit and style yourself to look great, and to make sure you don’t fall short, here are some handy tips you can use this winter.


Stay sharp

When it comes to men dressing up for a party like this, there is one option which will always work and it will make you feel dapper and sharp all night long. Wear a tailored suit. You can go for the traditional black, have fun with blue or be elegant in grey, and this can be tailored however you want to fit your body. It’s all about Spalla Camica these days and a soft shoulders suit with a fitted body will look effortless and amazing.

Think classy

For a classy look for your party you will want to avoid wearing anything which is too skimpy and anything which is too short. Think about a dress which is long sleeved or high necked and don’t wear a mini dress because when you bend over it won’t look classy at all. Be simple and stylish and make sure that you don’t get carried away with your bling.

Break out the sequins

Sequins are what Christmas is all about and you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement by choosing a sequin dress for your Christmas party. Bear in mind classy and even if you do choose a totally sequin covered number, you can still make sure it is a good length and a flattering cut to suit your style and your body type. Even a small touch of sequin with a clutch bag alongside your regular dress can look really great.

Easy on the makeup

It can be far too easy to get carried away with makeup for a Christmas party and you can often come out of the bathroom looking like a cake. Make sure to keep things pretty simple with a CC cream foundation, some simple highlight and contour and neutral browns on the eyes, you can end this with some flattering fake lashes and think about your lipstick as a pop of colour. Keep it easy to that you don’t have to keep topping it up throughout the night.

Be comfortable!

Above everything else when you come to plan your outfit for a party you need to make sure that the outfit is comfortable and it is something you would genuinely enjoy wearing for the whole day. Think of avoiding heels if you hate wearing them, make sure you are warm with a coat, and be sure that you are wearing a dress or suit which isn’t too tight and which you can move around in without feeling boxed in. If wearing a certain outfit feels like a chore you shouldn’t be wearing it.

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