Tech for long-distance running

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to it, is to properly train and attempt to run a long-distance race. I noticed on twitter the other day that people have been accepted for next year’s London Marathon already, but I definitely don’t think I’m ready for that yet. My plan is to start on the 5k races around my area of Liverpool and then eventually move on to the Great North Run in Newcastle.

Training can be quite difficult, but there’s more and more technology nowadays that helps make things easier when it comes to long distance running. I’ve been doing some research into this and have picked up my favourite tech which will help me reach my goals.

Heart rate tracking

If you’re looking for wrist technology to track, there are a host of options that track fitness but also monitors various aspects of your day, such as steps (which you can set targets to help with fitness).

One better option for me though would be an armband which allows you to attach your phone to and get real time data via Strava to a variety of apps on your phone, including Nike+ or Runkeeper, allowing you to share your stats with friends and family at the same time.


There is literally nothing worse than wires getting in the way whilst you’re running, so I definitely recommend some wireless headphones. If you get the right Spotify playlist or SoundCloud mix set up, it will be a major help in taking your mind off the running which passes time quicker.

Again, like the heart rate tracking, there are a lot of options for wireless headphones. For overhead headphones I’d have to say the sound protection technology is great for blocking out everything else in the world whilst the music is on. For in-ear and affordable headphones there are a number of options, but do remember the sound quality isn’t as good.

Storage whilst running

You can’t listen to music without taking your phone with you, and this can cause a bit of trouble in your shorts pocket, so it’s wisely to invest in something to store it in whilst running long distance.

One option for this would be to invest in a stash belt, with a nice fit almost as if you forget you have it on you. The beauty of these belts is that you can simply add in the products you want to take, attach it to your belt and flip it over to avoid any unwanted openings. There’s also an option to attach a water bottle.

Once you’ve got these 3 things sorted, it’s much easier to train for events like the Great North Run. What’s your top tips for helping me reach my targets?

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