It’s time to check your car for the colder months

Let’s face it, Summer has finished and Autumn is usually non-existent, so it’s time to get prepared for the cold Winter months, in particular when looking at your car. There’s nothing worse than breaking down, and it’s even worse when it’s either snowing, raining, windy or cold, so it’s the ideal time now to go over ever aspect of your car and get it working perfectly throughout Winter.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I had a bit of trouble with my car recently, which ended up being VERY expensive, so tying the likes of Christmas in there, and how much we spend on partying around this time, it wouldn’t be an ideal time to break down and splashing the cash on the likes of a new clutch. I’ve written posts in the past about checking your car, but with the recent troubles i’ve had, I thought i’d take a loom at some of the less obvious things to check on your car (you’ll all know to check your treads and fluids right?)


Exhaust – what to look out for?

Own up, how often do you check your exhaust pipe? I honestly don’t think i’ve checked it once, but it can be a real pain if it needs replacing and you’re not prepared. So what should you be looking out for? First thing you need to be doing is scraping away any surface rust there might be, which can often appear from various weather types. Once scraped away, you need to be looking out for small holes, which can cause backfire from drawing in air and igniting any unburnt fuel.

If it’s an exhaust leak you’re looking out for, then make sure your engine is off, connect a vacuum and use the pipe and funnel to listen to various aspects of the exhaust system. If you hear a hissing sound, that means you have yourself a leak unfortunately. If worst comes to worst then there is many places to get a new exhaust fitted at a reasonable price, but like I say it’s definitely a good time to get it fixed rather than during the cold months. If you’re based in Scotland, I recommend Fife Autocentre which has an exhaust fitting service in Dundee available.

Time to check your brakes

One thing many people don’t check often is their brakes, and when you think about it, this is one of the most important parts of the car when driving, you’re in big trouble if these aren’t working. So what do you need to check? And what can you do at home on the drive? Worn breakpads are unsafe and can prevent your car from stopping to a halt.

First, you’ve got to recognise the symptoms of worn breakpads, and to do this you need to be driving and listening to them as you put your foot down slowly on the break-pad (go at a slow speed here, in a quiet area). If you’ve got a high pitched squeak as you’re pressing down on the breaks then there’s every chance your breaks could be worn down. Next, feel your breaks as you’re stopping. If you are able to push your breaks down to the ground without a sudden stop then this is a warning sign. Thirdly, check for a pulsating or vibrating break pedal when you’re foot is pushing down on it. This could mean your motors are warped and you need to visit a specific mechanic.

Make sure you check these 2 things ahead of the Winter season, as this could be expensive to fix. What checks will you be making, or if you recommend any then let me know.


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