Why Men Should Be Able To Game Without Disapproval

If your man is somebody you consider to be a ‘gamer’, or even just a casual gamer, there are a few reasons you should stop casting disapproving looks at them when they fire up their games console. Whether you’re thinking of your boyfriend, brother, husband, or another man in your life, here’s why they should be able to game without disapproval:


  1. It’s Something You Can Do Together

If you don’t like them gaming because it means spending less time with you, don’t fret. You can game together! You might not think it’s ‘your thing’, but perhaps if you sat down and gave it a go you’d feel differently. You might love the social aspect of some games, or the hunting/gathering nature of others. There’s a game to suit all tastes, and chances are if you expressed an interest you’d be able to play too.

  1. It Keeps Them Out Of The Way For A Bit

So, maybe you really don’t want to play games. That’s fine! Think of it this way: gaming keeps them out of the way for a bit. If they decide to sit down and play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire one evening, let them get on with it and do your own thing. Get some work done at home, catch up on your reading, or watch a program you’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix.

  1. You’re Free To Explore Your Own Hobbies And Passions

Gaming can turn into a pretty big hobby, so why not take this time to explore your own hobbies and passions? Don’t huff and puff; be thankful that you have this opportunity to figure out what you truly like to do and go for it! Maybe you want to paint more, read more, join a club or sports team, or something entirely different.

Don’t wait around for a gamer to stop gaming. Take the time to enjoy yourself in your own way. It’ll help you to lead a more satisfying, fulfilling life. You might even find a new keen interest in esports, which is available to watch online and television, gaining popularity across the world. In a similar way to watching sports on TV, you are able to gamble and bet on the outcome. There are many sites for betting on esports if this is for you.

  1. It Could Actually Be Beneficial For Them

Gaming isn’t bad for you. You should never disapprove of somebody playing games because you think it’s damaging their health. Gaming can boost memory, so that they have no excuse to forget another birthday or anniversary. It can be good for their eyes, which can help them to find their own wallet and keys, or whatever it is they tend to lose and ask you to look for. In fact, studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day of casual gaming per day can alleviate depression and anxiety! See? It really isn’t what it seems.   

Of course, with all of the above in mind, time matters. Short gaming sessions can be great, but playing for hours at a time can be dangerous. It could lead to obesity, obsession, dissociation from the outside world, and other issues. Gaming is not a problem unless the gamer is spending a disproportionate amount of time gaming. Bear this in mind next time you feel like making a comment or disapproving!

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