Create a smart bathroom with top tech

There’s no denying that our homes are getting smarter. With the rise of the smart phone and now smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, comes the ability to control all aspects of our home life. From dimming the lights—getting the mood just right, to keeping an eye on how much we’re spending on gas and electricity, there’s pretty much nothing that can’t be monitored and customised using an electronic device.

One area of the home which has resisted change for quite some time is the humble bathroom. Whilst, stylistically, the bathroom of 2018 looks quite different to that of, say, the 1980s, the technological changes won’t be anywhere near as apparent.

However, all this is set to change. With a rising number of new and exciting technological advances, the bathroom is catching up with the rest of the home,  and could soon be fully integrated into your smart home system. I bet you never thought you’d be listening to high quality music and sounds whilst showering, through the likes of the Graham slee hifi system.


Let’s take a look at just some of the top bathroom tech available now.

Smart showers

Showering and bathing are two areas where exciting developments are underway. Showers, especially, have undergone major transformations over the past few decades, with the rise of power showers and digital showers changing the way we enjoy our showering experience.

We’ve now taken a bold leap forward, with smart showers and smart showering systems the new big thing in bathroom innovation. Manufacturers like Mira Showers and Aqualisa have invested heavily in smart shower technology, with showers that can be switched on and controlled from a wireless device or smartphones. However, there are manufacturers taking things one step further, creating whole smart bathroom solutions, like SmarTap.

SmarTap allows you to customise and control every single aspect of your shower or even your bath from a smart device like a phone or tablet. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of smart home systems, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, meaning voice activation is also possible. Imagine waking up in the morning and saying “Alexa. Start my morning shower” or setting your bath running on the commute home, so it’s ready and waiting the minute you step through the door. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but it’s actually both affordable and available right now.

Bluetooth speakers

Listening to your favourite music anywhere in your home has become incredibly easy in recent times. Music services like Spotify and Apple Music allow you access to a virtually unlimited catalogue.

One place we especially like to listen to music is in the bath or shower. However, showers can be problematic as the rushing torrent of water often drowns out the music. This is where a Bluetooth speaker shower head comes into its own. A detachable unit fits round your shower head, meaning audio is much clearer, piping soothing or invigorating music direct into your ears, straight from any Bluetooth compatible device.

LED shower heads

If music isn’t your number one priority, perhaps your shower experience is. Fed up of waiting for your shower to get to that perfect temperature or receiving a nasty shock when you step into a freezing cold deluge of water? LED shower heads are the way forward. Displaying blue when the water is cold before changing to purple for warming up and red when hot, you’ll never have to play that guessing game again.

Bathroom TVs

You never have to miss a minute of your favourite shows or that all-important football match with the latest bathroom TVs.

Designed with bathroom use in mind, the ProofVision range of TVs come with an IP65 rating, meaning they can even be fitted into splash zones like your shower or at the end of your bath. But what about when things get hot and steamy? They’ve thought of that, with demisting technology that keeps your screen fog-free.

Plus, the great thing is, even if you drop your remote into the bath, it’s completely waterproof!

New generation underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has been around for a few years now, however a new generation of smart underfloor heating could save you money, whilst keeping your feet toasty warm.

As homes get increasingly smaller, radiators and heated towel rails can take up wall space, which could be used more efficiently for storage. Also, with the introduction of smart meters, we’re now increasingly aware of how much energy we’re using in our homes, which is why it pays to have a smart underfloor heating system.

Some manufacturers, like Warmup, have developed incredibly smart underfloor heating systems which learn optimum temperatures and heat duration, to keep your bathroom feeling warm and welcoming. Some systems even come with more advanced features like local transport reports, to help you with your commute. They can even tell you if you’re paying too much for your energy, offering cheaper tariffs from alternative providers.

To discover the very latest in bathroom tech and smart products, head to online bathroom specialists

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