Why Singapore Needs to Be on Your Travel To-Do List

Singapore is an amazing and unique location for many reasons, and any trip to Southeast Asia should include it as part of your plans. It has anti-spitting and litter laws that mean its streets are some of the cleanest you will see anywhere and together with the friendliness of people, the things to see and do and a forward thinking government that welcomes visitors make it a place not to be missed.

Singapore has four official languages, English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin and it also celebrates the national holidays of a number of different religions and countries. It is one of the most culturally tolerant destinations in the world, and one of the sights you will see is amazing places of worship for varying types of religions.


Food in Singapore

It is a common misconception that eating in Singapore is expensive. Of course, there are top-notch restaurants where you can pay a lot for a meal, but there are even more of the cheaper options.

For example, Sungei Road Laska serves just one meal with no variations for around £2 a serving. The queues always are long, but they move very quickly as people do not have to make a choice. If you love the traditional style of the meal laska, which is made from noodles, curry, vegetables, and herbs, then this is the place for you.

A popular dish with Chinese origins is bak kut teh.  Pork ribs are boiled with white pepper, garlic and until the pork becomes tender and the liquid turns into a soup. Usually eaten with a bowl of rice, this meal will set you back just a few pounds and is available all over the city.

These are just a couple of examples of extremely tasty food that will not break the bank. Streets cafes are a great way of trying local cuisine such as chicken rice, noodles dishes, and desserts that will make you want more.

Being a location full of diversity, you will also find food from many other countries, including England, India, the USA, and China.

Accommodation In Singapore

In any images of Singapore, you will always see lots of towering buildings. These are a mixture of offices, shops, and hotels and the one thing they all have in common is that they are of a very high standard. This is great if money is not a problem, but if you are travelling to Singapore on a budget, a better option is to look at renting a local property. There are lots to choose from.

These are always well looked after, usually in pretty locations and as the transport infrastructure in Singapore is so good, you will never be far from the main attractions in the centre, or from visiting some of the outlying villages. As an added bonus, they will not cost you anywhere near as much as a hotel, because, as you can see from this hdb resale price forecast, property in Singapore is very affordable. Renting a property will also give you the freedom to come and go as you please, which is always good when you’re trying to enjoy a holiday.

Sight-Seeing In Singapore

Learn to navigate the metro map and you can flit from sight to sight without a problem. All signs are written in English as one of the options, and as it is spoken in most places, Singapore is one of the easiest and most comfortable places in Southeast Asia to get around.

You could visit the Bay East Gardens, a perfect way to enjoy a huge selection of vibrant plant life as you stroll through to the Cloud Forest Dome to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Move on to Singapore Zoo, a facility that is clean and inviting. The animals appear to be well treated and they have plenty of habitat space with lush green vegetation. The orang-utans and chimpanzee families are particularly popular, but there are also zebras, white tigers, kangaroos and many other species.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 14.22.52

The world’s largest giant observation wheel is the Singapore Flyer, which apart from the views of the city also lets you see as far as the Spice Islands of Indonesia and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor. It offers several packages, some of which include a meal and drinks.

As well as these locations, there are museums, temples and many other things to see in Singapore. Organised tours are sometimes an option, but usually, you need to pre-book your place as they fill up pretty quickly.

Entertainment in Singapore

Singapore has a huge array of entertainments to suit all tastes. You can see Broadway hits, the latest films, listen to classical music concerts, laugh out loud in one of the comedy bars, or visit one of the virtual reality games rooms for some fun in another world. At the Asian Restored Classics cinema, you can see films going back as far as 1920 right up to modern day ones. There are some great titles to choose from!

There are clubs for jazz lovers and for those who want to party the night away. You can dance in the moonlight, enjoy cocktails 57 stories above street level or walk along Haji Lane and listen to some of the very talented street entertainers. From Tuesday to Sunday you can settle down here in one of the street cafes and enjoy the street performers.

There are sports complexes, shooting ranges, hiking trips, boat tours and an endless list of other entertainments no matter what your interests are. Many of them cost very little money, so do not be put off if you are on a budget, at least find out the prices before you disregard them.

Shopping In Singapore

Singapore has more shopping malls per square mile than any other location in the world. Just take a walk down the famous Orchard Road to be amazed by the sheer variety and size of the malls on offer. Along the nearly 2 mile stretch, you will find designer stores in the complexes as well as some of the well known UK high street brands. There are shops selling locally produced goods and products from other parts of Southeast Asia.

Into the mix throw plenty of bars and restaurants for when your feet start to ache and Orchard Road becomes the perfect shopping experience.

The Chinatown Street Market, which stretches across three streets, will let you immerse yourself in everything Chinese. Food, clothes, and crafts are all on sale in this market.

Vivo City is the largest of the shopping malls in Singapore and has 15 cinema screens, a rooftop amphitheatre and an art gallery among all the shops, bars and restaurants.

The Mustafa Centre, in the heart of Little India, sells just about anything you could need at low prices. This 24-hour mall is large, crowded and always busy but is loved by the locals and tourists alike.

There are no end of street markets and smaller shopping centres, so if you do not want the hustle and bustle of the bigger centres, wander down some of the side streets to find plenty of independent local vendors.

The Safety Of Singapore

Singapore is one of the safest places you can visit. The crime rates are low and the medical care exceptional. The government in Singapore has actively encouraged new businesses to ensure that tourists have everything they could need within easy reach and welcomes all visitors with open arms.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 14.23.56.png

It is a place where you can have whatever type of holiday you want. You can relax by a pool all day or be out and about see or doing things, that choice is yours because the options are all there.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting some of the wonderful countries in Southeast Asia, just make sure that Singapore is one of the ones you include.

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