Car update: Prepping my car for the colder months

I know i’ve written a few posts about my car, but I thought i’d update you all anyway. I’ve been without my car for over a week now and I won’t lie, I miss it. After taking it into the garage for a quick check due to the ‘check engine’ light being on, it turns out I need much more fixing than I thought.

I own an Alfa Romeo, and even though it looks nice (in my personal opinion anyway), it’s only until now i’ve realised they are a pain to fix, and the one eye-opener for me was the fact that the majority of garages don’t accept them, so I had to take it to an Alfa specialist. So what work needs to be done? Well, apart from the initial problem which was electricals under the gear stick (who knew there even was electricals there?), they encountered problems with the flywheel and clutch, which turns out to be VERY expensive.

The one thing that shocked me though, was that my front tyres need replacing due to being worn down too much. Now, even though it wasn’t too expensive to replace them, it got me thinking about how I wouldn’t have got them checked up if it wasn’t for my other car problems, and that it could have been so much worse if it happened in Winter. This got me thinking about what car checks need doing in time for the colder months (not far off now) and how it’s important to get them sorted early. I stumbled upon this infographic by Slater and Gordon, who surveyed 2,000 people about this subject:

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.12.50

Even though it’s obvious, it was a great reminder that you need to double up on stopping distances in cold and wet weather, as this can be easily forgotten. It was quite surprising that most people still travel by taxi and car in the Winter, as I know a lot of people that switch up their commute to trains, although this can prove problematic when it snows due to all the delays. One problem I had last winter was forgetting to pack emergency items, in particular de-icer, which delayed journeys due to having to wait for the ice to clear with the heaters on.

I’ll admit, i’m going to miss the summer months of driving, but it’s important to prepare early enough for the colder seasons.

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