What Is the Difference between Vaping and Smoking?

Many people mistakenly believe that vaping and smoking are the exact same thing. However, other than having a similar look when they are exhaled, there are vast differences between vaping and smoking.

Quite often vaporiser vapour is called “vape smoke” However that is totally incorrect and very misleading. To understand the reasons why there are such big differences between vaping and smoking, we need to look at their definitions first.


Smoke Definition

Smoke results from combustion. Whenever combustion takes place, new chemicals are formed through the oxidation process.  There are thousands of new chemicals contained in smoke that are different from the ones that are burned initially.

Smoke is created by fire.  Whenever a cigarette is smoke, a fire needs to be involved in order for smoke to be created.  

Vaping Definition

Whenever a substance turns gaseous, at a lower temperature than what its point of combustion is, it is considered to be a vapour.  The chemicals contained in vapour are identical to those ones n vaporised substances.

When something is vaporised it is the same thing that occurs when water is heated on the stove. Whenever water starts to boil, vapour is created. What vapour is a different state, it has the same chemical makeup still as liquid water does.

The most important takeaway here is the fact that now new compounds are created by vaporising. The same compounds are maintained by vapour that the substance made in the first place.  

What Chemicals Are Contained In Smoke?

The UK Cancer Society reports that there are more than 700 different chemicals contained in tobacco smoke and more than 70 that may cause cancer.  The following are some of the chemicals contained in tobacco smoke:

Cadmium, Chromium, Arsenic, Ethylene Oxide, Vinyl Chloride, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Acetylene, Methanol, Formaldehyde, Cyanide  

That is only a short list, however there is a huge number of them.

What Chemicals Are Contained In Vapour?

Whenever vapour is created, unlike smoke, there are no new chemicals formed.  The chemicals in liquid are the same ones that are in the vapour that is created from the liquid.

There are usually found compounds in Veppo Premium E-liquids. They are Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerine, food grade flavouring, and Propylene Glycol.

What About It’s Smell?

If you have gone into a room after a person has smoked inside of it, then you already are aware of the fact that the smell has a tendency to linger in a room for quite some time.  The smell can be maintained indefinitely in a room where somebody has smoked. That is people are insistent on calling it vapour, and not “vape smoke.”

In contrast to vapour, smoke dissipates within a few minutes.  Frequently the vapour’s scent has certain pleasant flavours and vapour that is less intrusive.  

Carbon Monoxide and Tar

Another major difference between vapour and smoke is smoke contains carbon monoxide and tar. Tar is a type of resin-like substance produced by tobacco after it is combusted.  Not only does tar damage the lung, but it contributes to tooth rot as well.

There is also carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke. The chemical is produced by tobacco when it is heated to the point of combustion, which causes oxidation.  A poisonous gas, carbon monoxide is harmful for the body in a number of different ways.

If you are have difficulties with remembering the differences between vapour and smoke, or just want to be able to have a convincing argument to explain to your friends, just think of what the differences are between smoke that a campfire produces and steam that a pot of boiling water does. The smell from the smoke of a campfire lingers on clothes for many days, whereas water vapour doesn’t leave any smell and disappears fast.

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