Could Your Next Holiday Be Cuba?!

Cuba is full of spirit and life. It’s upbeat, it’s exciting, and the atmosphere of a holiday here is always going to be one that will uplift you. It’s known for its summer vibes, old cars, beautiful museums, and culture that’s somewhat old school still. If you go at the right time of year when the sun is shining all of the time, it’s the perfect mix of a wonderful tropical feel, mixed in with a city break sort of vibe that we know you’ll love. So, do you already think that your next holiday could be Cuba? Or do you need a little more persuasion to get you on that plane? If it’s the latter, then have a read of the information we have below, and let us show you why Cuba should be your next holiday.


It’s Not Actually That Expensive!

For some of you reading this, Cuba is pretty far away on a plane. But, then again, aren’t some of the most luxurious and wonderful destinations far away on a plane? To some people, the distance automatically means expenses, but that’s not always the case, and it’s definitely not the case with Cuba. It’s really not hard to bag yourself a nice hotel, in a prime location, for the same price that you would a really luxurious location. Plus, when you’re there, things just get cheaper and cheaper. If you didn’t go all inclusive, which we highly recommend that you don’t in Cuba, then you’ll find that beer and food is so cheap compared to your home country. If you choose to go all inclusive, you will be missing out on some of the most amazing culinary experiences, and some of the cheaper options that will still get your taste buds tingling.

The Perfect Blend For A Holiday

This really is the perfect blend for a holiday if you’re not really a beach all of the time person, but you’re also not someone who likes to walk around all day. As we’ve said, there’s plenty of museums to go and wonder around, but there’s also some really stunning white sand beaches for when you’re looking to unwind. If you want to travel to Cuba today, you’ll find the weather is absolutely gorgeous, although you might experience a splash of rain every now and then. If you really want to get to see Cuba’s main city, Havana, we would highly recommend that you get one of the city tours, and travel around in an old school car with a guide!

The Old School Vibe

Everything about the old school vibe is why Cuba should be your next holiday. The culture, the buildings, the cars, the people… it’s all just old school and traditional. A lot of people are worried that it’ll get taken away from Cuba as it becomes more popular, which could well happen. A lot of places become more commercialised as the popularity with tourists grows, so make sure that you’re getting your ticket on that plane before this happens to such a beautiful part of the world!

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One thought on “Could Your Next Holiday Be Cuba?!

  1. Oh, I’m soooo hoping it’s gonna be Cuba! Starting to save for it – we’ll see if I make it happen 🙂

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