How Do You Find The Best Daily Driver Smartphone For Your Career?

Your daily driver smartphone refers to the phone you use every day. You refer to it as your daily driver because it never fails you; it has everything you need to complete the days tasks efficiently, and you don’t think you could have found a better smartphone for your needs if you tried.

But just how do you find the best daily driver smartphone for your career? This guide aims to make things as simple as can be for you, so you end up with a piece of modern technology that just can’t be beaten. Read on to learn more:


Choosing Your Service Provider

It’s important to cover the basics. You need to make sure you can get a reliable signal to make calls and access data. This means choosing a service provider that’s right for you and the area you live in. Make sure you check out coverage maps so you know you’re going to be getting mobile broadband, in your local area and in the places you visit.

You can even read forums to get an idea of users that are not happy with the level of coverage they are getting. Making international calls will mean you should look into a GSM-provider. You’ll also want to take customer service into account, as things always go wrong and you want to make sure you’re looked after.

The Cost

Taking the cost into account is imperative. Your daily driver should fit perfectly into your budget, including minutes, messages, and data. You can find out about sim only deals which can often be the most cost effective option. Sim only deals do mean you have to fork out for the device separately, but it can cost less over time. If this isn’t an option, you’ll want to make sure you look into cost effective contracts.

Support For Your Mobile Device

If this phone is for your career, you need to consider whether you will be supported at work by the IT department. If you are, you will be able to get help with things like remote setup and troubleshooting connectivity to company resources. BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones may be your best choices if this is the case, as they tend to be the most widely supported.

Features Of The Phone

Business users will have various important features depending on their role in the workplace. Voice quality is usually important, for both calls and remote meetings. The keyboard will also be important, especially if you’re answering emails or editing documents. For some devices, you can purchase a physical keyboard.


If your career relies on apps to stay organised, connected, and in the know, then you might want to look into Apple’s iOS. You will have first access to apps here, as most people prioritise app development for the iPhone. Android is a close second, however, with more devices able to access Android apps than before.

Some of the most popular and high quality smartphone devices available right now include:

  • Iphone X
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

What will your daily driver be?

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