Home Hobbies That Are Great For Guys

When you were young, chances are you had tonnes of hobbies and interests. Unfortunately, as you get older these tend to drop off a little, when you’re working long days you don’t have all the time in the world to be doing the things you love. However, maintaining hobbies is so important at any age- they keep you learning, allow you to meet like minded people and improve your skills. Best of all, they keep you productive and give you something interesting to look forward to in your spare time. Instead of sitting around wasting time, watching Netflix and being boring you could be doing something productive that you actually enjoy. But what kind of hobbies can you do as the average guy? Here are some ideas based on common interests that might pique your interest.



Gardening makes a fantastic hobby, it keeps you fit and you get to reap the rewards of your hard work with a beautiful garden or tasty fruit and vegetables. There’s something incredibly rewarding about seeing something grow from nothing, you could either hire an allotment, buy a greenhouse for your garden or create a little veggie patch/ herb garden. If landscaping is more your scene, things like digging ponds, fitting water features, laying patios and decking could be more your cup of tea. Either way, it’s a great way to spend a few hours a week.

Fixing Up Cars or Motorbikes

Do you have an interest in vehicles? Tinkering with them might make a good hobby for you. You could buy a cheap motorbike and do it up- you can find motorcycle parts and plenty of instructional videos and articles online. You could purchase a run down car with the aim of getting it going again to race around a track, or souping up your existing car. Vehicle mechanics can be extremely interesting, there’s loads to learn and so it’s something that will keep you busy!

Brewing Beer

Do you have a large shed, garage or an unused outbuilding? If so, you have the chance to go full ‘mad scientist’ by setting up brewing equipment. There are starter sets you can buy if you’re new to the hobby, which you could always upgrade as you learn more. While strict alcohol licensing laws mean that you can’t sell your creations, you can always drink them yourself and share with family and friends. The perfect beverage to serve at your next barbecue!

Learn an Instrument

Most of us have either started learning an instrument at one time or another, or have always wanted to. Whether you see yourself as a drummer, guitarist or pianist, learning an instrument is fun and can even make you more intelligent! You could teach yourself using videos and online guides, or if you’re not sure where to start book a music tutor to come to your home. Even if they just teach you the basics to get started, you have a point to work from then.

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