3 Reasons You Should Stop Messing Around and Get a Car

Although a huge number of guys are extremely keen on getting their driver’s licenses as soon as they’re old enough, and dream of the day they can finally begin souping up their first car and putting slightly dodgy decals all over it, a surprisingly large number of young guys just can’t be bothered with going to the trouble of getting their licenses, or a car, at all.

This most commonly happens with guys who live in big cities and just don’t have to worry much about getting from place to place over the course of the normal day. Buses and trains, and even bicycles, usually get the job done in these situations. Maybe a taxi if the situation is really dire.


But even if you feel you can get by without a car, and even if you’ve got a strong lazy streak motivating you not to pursue getting your license, there are a bunch of good reasons for going ahead anyway, passing your test, and getting Shiply to deliver a nice vehicle to you.

Here are some ways that getting a car can transform your life.

By allowing you to go just about anywhere on your own

You might be able to get around your city comfortably enough without a car, but have you noticed that every time you want to go anywhere else, or do anything else, you’re in a bad situation?

That festival on the other side of the country? You’ve either got to jump between a dozen different trains and taxis to make it there and back, or else you’ve got to hope one of your friends is going and doesn’t mind giving you a lift.

Feel like checking out a seaside town with your lady friend? Good luck planning that day trip.

With a car, you have much more freedom to go just about anywhere on your own, without being dependent on other people.

By increasing the range for your potential work options

If you’re struggling to find your dream job within a decent morning travel range of your home, part of the problem might be that you just don’t have the right transport options available.

While no one wants to go through a massively long commute, in any case, having a car grants you the ability to work in more out of the way places, and return home, with little trouble.

What’s more, driving, instead of taking the bus, has some other perks too. You can blast your music as loud as you like, sing along, and stop for a snack along the way.

By giving you an increased sense of independence and autonomy

This is different from the points above about actually being more in control of your life, but it’s obviously connected.

Feeling more in control of your life, and having a greater sense of independence and autonomy, is a brilliant way of setting yourself up to make positive changes in your life, in general.

The more confident you are, and the better you feel about your circumstances, the more motivated you are to build on the successes you’ve already had, and to pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.

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