The Cars Of The Future Are Already Here

You might be holding off on purchasing a new car this year. That’s a mistake because the future of the car industry is already on the market available for eager consumers to purchase. What do we mean by this? Right now there are incredible cars that utilize fantastic pieces of tech and awesome designs to make sure that customers get exactly what they need and what they want. Everything from autonomous vehicles to eco-friendly cars are ready to buy today. Why wait for the future when evidence suggests that the leaps forward people are hoping for probably aren’t going to be leaps at all but rather small steps. The big strides? They’re already available. Let’s take a look at what we mean by this.

Hybrid Tech


If you want to buy a hybrid car, now is the best time to do it. Hybrids are the focus of car producers and brands on the market today. They are the type that brands are most interested in providing to buyers because this is the biggest growing market. While interest saw a gradual uptick, now we are seeing a lot more people commit to the idea of purchasing a hybrid vehicle, and that’s exactly what producers want.

As such, you can look forward to new hybrid models being released every year. Why the commitment to hybrids? Well, people generally agree that petrol and diesel are the past. But fully electric cars don’t yet have the support necessary for the purchase to be worth it unless of course, you live somewhere like LA. You will struggle to find an electric port if you ever venture out of town and purchasing an electric vehicle that doesn’t cost a fortune but still travels a fair distance on one charge is close to impossible. The hybrid is a happy medium. It’s a compromise that buyers seem to love. These days that are hybrid SUVs available to purchase or even a hybrid sports car. You can get any time of vehicle you want with this type of engine which is great news.

Hybrids are the ultimate solution right now because they don’t require you to constantly rely on a charging port that may not be there. Instead, if the battery power runs out, you’ll still have the gas tank to rely on until you can reach the next port. You won’t get stranded, and you can travel longer distances. In the past hybrids were weak cars. Today, they are powerful, fast and the modern buyer’s dream. It will be another ten or twenty years before the industry completely commits to electric. For now, the hybrid is as far into the future as most developers want to look.

Autonomous Cars


You also want to think about the world of autonomous vehicles. The self-driving cars, long a dream, are now the reality. You can get vehicles that will drive themselves, and that means you can sit, back, relax and enjoy the view. Except, you can’t. In actual fact, a recent crash involving an autonomous car has shown that these vehicles still require the attention of the driver. The report revealed that the driver in question was watching a movie when the car crashed and had nine seconds to react and course correct. While this might not seem like a lot of time when you’re driving a vehicle nine seconds can be an age, if you’re in control. This driver wasn’t and clearly had too much faith in the vehicle tech.

Interestingly though, many producers of autonomous cars maintain that driver focus is essential. They even expect you to keep both hands on the wheel and some cars will shut down pulling over at the side of the road if they do not feel your grip on the steering wheel.

This might seem absurd when the dream of a driverless car is a lot more advanced than this. Uber for instance, probably love the idea of going driverless and immediately cutting their costs after the first investment in the vehicle. But of course, this won’t happen for years because for a driverless car to be truly driverless, the producer needs to have absolute faith that the car won’t have any faults. Now, driverless cars will eliminate human error but what about computer error. Almost every computer in the world has the dreaded version of the blue screen of death, a complete system failure. It’s worth pointing out that a computer is what allows a car to be autonomous so there’s absolutely no guarantee that a car like this wouldn’t have the same type of system failure. Thinking this way, most people will probably never be comfortable enough with tech like this to take the back seat. They will want to at least be close to the wheel. And, if you’re looking for a vehicle like this, they are once again, already available. Tesla, Volvo and virtually every other major brand have some form of an autonomous car.

Safety Wonders


Another dream of the future is a truly safe car that won’t cause any fatalities. While you might think that this is a pipe dream, there’s evidence to suggest they are already available to purchase. One example of this would be the XC90. First released in 2002, there hasn’t been a single fatal accident involving the car in well over fourteen years. This isn’t the only vehicle available to purchase with a fantastic safety record like this, but it is certainly one the best. If you’re interested in learning more, you may want to consider researching the top safest cars to find the right one for you and potentially your family.

When looking out for a safe vehicle to buy on the market pay particular attention to braking distances. The faster a vehicle can come to a complete stop the safer it is likely to be. Ironically some of the cars with the top braking distances are sports cars that can travel more than 200 MPH.

We hope you see now that there’s no need to wait for the future of vehicles. They’re already available and ready for you to purchase.  

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