Fancy a Summer Road Trip? Make Sure your Car is Ready

Here in the UK, we’ve been hit with a ‘heatwave’ during the months of June, which has allowed for more people to get out and about. I’m pretty lucky living in Liverpool as i’m just a stones throw away from road trips to Wales, the Lake District and the Cheshire countryside, so as soon as there’s a bit of warm weather floating about, it’s into the car and away we go.


I’ve been driving for about 8 years now, and the longest trip I have done was the mammoth journey down to the Isle of Wight, which took almost half a day for sure. One thing I always make sure I do when going on a long drive, or a road trip with mates, is to make sure my car is prepped and ready so there’s no unwanted disturbances whilst away and no unnecessary bills to pay from the car breaking down. So, with that in mind, and if you’re thinking of going on a summer road trip, here’s some tips:

Make sure your tyres are ready

Tyres are the one thing I’ll admit I don’t check enough and I definitely need to. It only costs around 50p to check your tyre pressures at the fuel station (and water too), but did you know they need to be different pressures depending on whether you’re driving on the motorway or if the weather is warm/cold?

If you want peace of mind with your tyres, or if things have gone wrong and there’s no going back, there’s loads of companies, local and international, to get serviced at a reasonable price. One I recommend is to book tyres online at Ossett Tyre House website, these are great forgetting tyre parts and accessories to, for whatever type of tyre problem you have.

Book your MOT

This ones a bit of a biggie, it’s illegal to have a car running on the roads that hasn’t had it’s MOT, so make sure you book in advance and give yourself plenty of time in case it fails the MOT to get things fixed. Local garages are always good but I feel they try and fob you off a bit as they have less business, so I recommend the bigger brands like Halfords, plus you can pay for these ones in advance so you don’t have to think about it on the day.


MOT’s are usually around £30 – £40 and they can take up to an hour sometimes, so it doesn’t take too long out of your day to do. Plus If you keep your car MOT and serviced up every year, make sure you get the stamp in your book so when you look to sell your car on, you’ll get more money for it as it’s been kept up to date with maintenance.

Check all levels

There’s so many different level checks you have to do on your car, especially if you have a big road trip lined up. One of the level checks you need to do is your winscreen washer. This is one that can be easily forgotten, but there’s nothing more dangerous than driving at speed and running out of washer, mucky windows and the sun blaring through, it’s basically driving blind. There’s specialist windscreen washer you can buy, or you can top it up with water for 50p whilst checking your tyres at the fuel station.

Another thing you need to check is your oil levels. This is pretty simply to do and there’s a meter on the stick so you know if it’s too little or too much, simply make sure it’s in the middle. This ones vital as too little oil can break down the car’s engine. Other checks you need to make are brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid.

Make sure you have all these checked up before hitting the road and you shouldn’t have any problems, so now it’s time to pick a designated driver, get the squad together and hit the road. Check out more tips for making sure cars don’t ruin your lives.

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