Work Hard, Travel Hard: How You Can Afford To Travel More

If you want to travel more often, then more often than not it is the old bank balance that is holding you back rather than the ideas. And I get it, it is something that does have an impact; you can’t travel far without money to do so. But there are some more things that you could be doing to be able to afford your next trip abroad. This isn’t about being able to afford a round the world trip or anything, but just being able to explore and perhaps take more than one trip abroad each year. So here are some ideas to help.


Curb Your Consumerism

Consumerism can be something that eats up our money, without us really realising it. Just look at your average weekend; out for lunch and few drinks, plus transport costs and a trip to the cinema can all really add up. Not to mention if you just head into town for a browse and then ending up spending more than you had planned on (on things that you don’t really need). Consumerism is subtle, and it can creep up on you. So make your spending more of a conscious thing. Using cash can help, rather than card, and making and keeping to a budget. Then save what is leftover.

Sort Your Credit Score

If you think about when you are away, the flights and accommodation will already be paid for. But you will have excursions or food to pay for when you’re out there, most likely. If you don’t bring enough currency then it can mean spending on your card or taking cash out. But if you use a normal bank card that can cost a lot of money. So being able to use a travel credit card, that doesn’t have fees when abroad, can be a great way to save even when you’re away. If your score isn’t at its best, then looking at a site like could be a good idea. Then you can look at ways to improve your credit score, to then be able to get credit in the future.

Look For a Side-Hustle

Of course, you work hard in order to play hard. But sometimes you need to work a little harder, in order to play (or travel) a little harder. Which is why an extra income could be a good idea. It could be renting out a spare room using a site like to generate an extra income, or perhaps working at weekends. Could you even take what you do as a day job and do it on the side as a freelancer? When you have more money coming in, you’ve got more to save (and you’ll enjoy that trip so much more).

When it comes to booking your trip, there are cheaper ways to do it. Avoiding school holidays is a good idea, as well as looking for homes to rent out, rather than hotels. There are ways to travel and spend less, you just need to be savvy as you plan it.

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