Product Review: Murdock London Hair Care

If there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s good hair care, and I’m not one to shy away from trying new products and switching up techniques to get the best finish with my hair. Over the past month or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out the range from Murdock London, including their range of textured products, sprays and wax, working out which is best for my hair.

One thing that is annoying about my hair is how fine it is (as in thin, but not balding), which causes me trouble when it comes to making sure it doesn’t fall out of place as soon as there’s a small bit of wind. With this in mind, I’ve been really open to volumising powders and sprays recently, which I feel has helped massively, applying to wet hair before drying, to make sure when it comes to actually styling you’ve got a head start in creating the desired style. With this in mind, I was excited to use Murdock London’s sea salt spray.

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A little bit of background about Murdock London, it’s actually sold in the US too, so it’s a major product out there. They’re actually a collective of barbers and their reasoning for selling their products is to allow the modern gentleman to get a barbershop feel at home with everyday life. If you’re in London, I recommend going to visit one of the barbershops, with them growing daily after opening their first shop in Shoreditch.

My personal favourites from the collection I received was the previously mentioned sea salt spray. I thought applying this to wet hair before drying really gave the hair a thicker and already volumised feel to it, and actually smelt great (all the products did). This worked well with the ‘hair play’ product, which I felt was personally the best styling product in the collection, due to it not being as thick as other ones, but had enough stick behind it to keep the hair in place. I always finish up with hairspray though, due to the nature of my hair, but I felt the combination of sea salt spray and hair play products would be enough for thicker hair, to give it a complete feel for any weather and occasion. I also thoroughly enjoyed the quince and oakmoss shampoo, which I have to admit are ingredients I’m unfamiliar with, but works great in terms of scent and the product itself left hair feeling clean and tough for the day ahead.

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Other products they sell for hair styling, which may work better on your hair each with a distinctive texture/strength, but all with the great scent, are the Matt mud, vintage pomade and texture paste. The good thing about Murdock London products is the information on the back, which is essentially expert barbers advice on the best techniques to styling your hair, depending on what style you’re looking for and what type of hair you have.

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I highly recommend the Murdock London haircare range, in particular the ones I mentioned above, but try visiting the barbers in London to get an idea of what each one can do and the barbers themselves will let you know how best to use them. Products are prices around £24 per product, which I don’t think is too bad for a good quality hair styling product, you can tell they’re great quality from the start and the scent is amazing.

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