Smooth Style and Shiny Rides: How to Look and Act Dapper At All Times

You feel a certain pressure as a man to act and dress a certain way in order to maintain respect from your friends and colleagues. Although you shouldn’t be conforming to society’s standards, you should always want to look slick and smooth at all times. If you want to impress women you are going to need to keep a few things in check. If you’re out on the dating scene there are a number of ways you can wow your lady from the very beginning. You want to be well known for your smooth style and sophisticated suits so follow these simple guidelines and you will be a dapper chap at all times.


Car Cool

When a girl sees you pulling up on the driveway, she wants to know that you’ve got good taste. Not everybody can afford to have the latest Lamborghini; you’re stuck with a not so hot Honda at the moment. Fear not, you can transform any tired looking vehicle with Private plates. This simple, but effective addition to your car will send your style points soaring to new heights, so you will always catch a lady’s eye when you’re behind the wheel.

Suited and Booted

No matter what your personal fashion tastes are, it is really important for you to invest in a tailored, high quality suit. You might have to spend a lot of money on this investment, but it will be your go to power suit for the foreseeable future. Ladies are impressed by men who dress well and more often than not, a man’s shoes can be the make or break deal. If you are sporting old and tattered boots then get a swish leather upgrade to make sure you’re scoring top marks for your footwear.

The Perfect Date

When you ask a woman out on a date, they want to be swept off their feet and surprised. You don’t have to spend thousands on an extravagant meal in a swanky restaurant; you simply have to listen to her personal preferences. There is no doubt that you will have spoken about your ideal places for first dates, so take the hint, listen and execute accordingly.

House Help

If the date goes well you might want to further the relationship over time, which will mean visiting each other’s homes at some point. Women will be instantly put off by a messy bachelor pad covered in empty beer bottles and pizza boxes. Always be prepared for visitors and make sure your home looks just as chic and sophisticated as you do.

If you’re hoping to land the lady of your dreams then these stylish and charming elements are bound to help you make your mark. A woman wants to be impressed with your personal presentation, your date decisions and your housekeeping so don’t let anything slip. Of course, it is extremely important to be kind, respectful and gentlemanly at all times. These simple style elements will purely enhance your current charm to the next level.

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