11 Things Men Think Impress Women That Really Don’t

Impressing women is something that men have been attempting to do since the dawn of time – and yet, some of them still get it so wrong. People come from different backgrounds, have had different upbringings, and have all been brought up with different beliefs – and a lot of what we think we know comes from our parents, so it might not necessarily be your fault if you’ve been screwing it up with women all your life. However, figuring out where you’re going wrong is important if you want to stop looking like a douche, as well as potentially meet somebody you could see yourself being with for a while.


To give you an idea, here are 11 things men think impress women that really don’t:

A Chiseled Body

There’s nothing wrong with having a chiseled body. It shows off dedication and determination. If you meet a woman who enjoys working out and staying fit, that’s even better. However, it would be ridiculous to think that this is all you need to meet somebody. If you have a great body but your personality is lacking somewhat, then you’re not going to have any luck. As well as going to the gym and working on your physical development, work on your mental development too. Most women are all about guys who thinks a little deeper.

Lots Of Money

Money can be great too. You can go places, do new things, eat amazing food, and live a comfortable lifestyle. Again, money isn’t going to be the only thing to impress a woman who has substance. If you want a woman that cares more about the superficial, then you should be pretty worried if she seems interested but doesn’t know much about you other than the fact you’ve got cash.

A Fancy Car

Having a nice car is great. Revving your engine for no reason, driving at dangerous speeds, and constantly taking pictures of yourself next to it so you can boast is not impressive. It’s much more attractive when a man is humble. Be proud that you’ve worked harde and bought the car of your dreams, but know that the car alone isn’t going to bring you the love of your life. Telle Tire & Auto Center will be able to fix up your car, make it look great and run smoothly, but you won’t get a lady out of it. It’s even worse if you can’t actually afford the car you’re driving. What’s the point in having a car that’s super expensive to run, when you can barely afford to do a food shop for the week? Women will pick up on this!

Dressing In Things They Don’t Feel Comfortable In

You don’t have to dress a certain way to attract women. Being your authentic self is important. They are good at sensing whether you are doing this or not, and it’ll shine through. Don’t dress the same as all of the other men out there just because you think that’s what they like. It’s nice to be a bit different. Wouldn’t you rather go out with somebody who liked you for you?

Pulling Dangerous Stunts

Doing dangerous things in your car or on your bike might impress your friends, but it isn’t going to impress a lady. Unless you’re a stunt man, a circus performer, or something to that effect, you can pretty much guarantee that doing dangerous things will put a woman off. You should never do things that put her in danger, especially; this doesn’t show you’re a cool, carefree daredevil. It shows that you don’t care about her safety.

Unsolicited Pictures

You know the kind of pictures that this refers to. Those pictures that women never seem to ask for but always seem to get. You might think that it’s a great picture or a great angle or whatever, but trust us, she doesn’t. She will show all of her friends, and she might even shame you on Instagram. It’s a risky business and you just shouldn’t do it. It does nothing for anybody.

Showing How Much You Can Handle Your Drink

Why is the amount of alcohol you consume impressive? She doesn’t care if you can sink 12 pints of ale one after the other without barfing. She’s not one of your friends – and she certainly doesn’t want to have to carry you home, undress you, and put you to bed. She doesn’t want to feel like your carer or your mother – and do you really want to drink so much that you don’t know what’s going on around you while you’re with her?

Talking Trash About Other Women

The majority of women don’t want to hear you talk trash about other women. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking about or what you’re saying – it’ll make them judge themselves all the more harshly. Talking about the way another women dresses will give them a complex over the way they dress. Talking about how much makeup women wear will make her think she can’t be herself around you. Most women will leave you in a split second if you start talking about that kind of thing.


Overdoing It

Constantly calling her sexy and beautiful, especially when you’ve not known her for that long will make you seem overly keen and desperate. Have a normal conversation with her.

Talking About Things You Know Nothing About

It’s so much better to say you haven’t heard much about a subject than to talk about it as if you have and make an utter fool of yourself. Don’t try to make yourself sound smart. She’ll see through it.

Insisting On Paying All The Time

Treating her is nice, but many women will want to treat you sometimes, too. It isn’t the 1950’s, and paying for everything isn’t the way to a woman’s heart.

Have you been making any of the above 11 mistakes? Leave a comment!

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