Summer Wedding Fashion Tips Every Man Needs

It’s summer wedding season, which means if you’re a certain age you likely have one or two to attend. Whether it’s your first wedding in years or you’re in the middle of everyone you know getting married, looking the part as a guest is important. No one is likely to notice if you wear the same outfit more than once, which makes things a lot easier. Plus, you can mix up things like accessories to change your outfit a little each time. Before you attend your first wedding of the summer, think about some of these important elements.


Try a Breezy Linen Suit

While summer in the UK can be a bit up and down, there certainly tend to be a few warm days. It’s not going to be freezing, at least, although the temperature can fluctuate. If you’re expecting some warm days, wearing a suit can be tough. Selecting a light and breathable fabric helps to make it a little more bearable. You can find some linen suits at Slater Menswear if you’re looking for something cool and breezy to wear. Before you get a new suit, get an idea of how formal the weddings you’re attending will be. In the UK, they’re unlikely to be particularly so, but some are more formal than others.

Stick with a White (or Light) Shirt

Having fun with your shirts gives you a lot of fashion freedom. But if you have a collection of bright colours, paisleys, checks, and stripes, it might be a good idea to leave them at home. While a jazzy shirt can work, it’s not always easy to put it off at a wedding. It can certainly be difficult if you’re planning on wearing a suit jacket. White always works well and allows your suit to speak for itself. But if you want to try something else, you could think about a pastel or a light pattern.

To Tie or Not to Tie?

Wearing a tie is certainly not essential. Summer weddings are often a bit more casual so a tie can even look out of place. You can choose to wear one if you want and a silk tie looks great for a wedding. If not, you have to decide what to do with your shirt buttons. Some suggest having your top button done up, while others would say it’s best to have the first one or two undone. Don’t go past the second button, though. Remember you can accessorize with other items, from pocket squares and tie pins to watches.

Staying Safe with Shoes

It’s best not to be too casual with your shoes at a wedding, regardless of how casual the rest of your outfit is. If you’re wearing smart-casual, it’s not a free pass to wear trainers. Try to stick with either a dress shoe or something like a brogue. If you’re wearing a paler suit, go for brown over black, which can look a bit strong.

Check whether there’s any sort of dress code before planning any wedding outfit. Sometimes it’s a good idea to find out what colour suits the groomsmen will be wearing too.

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