7 Quick Style Tips Every Man Needs To Know

The style is all about presenting yourself in the most flattering and attractive way. Getting the styling right for men is easier than you think. Just knowing some basic tips and tweaks goes a long way in ensuring that you always put your best foot forward. Follow these seven tips to ensure that your style quotient is always high no matter the time or place.

1. Focus on the fit
The most noticeable improvement that you can make is ensuring that everything you wear fits you perfectly. Most men suffer from the problem of wearing clothes that are too large for their bodies. Be it men’s coats or simple t-shirts one needs to make sure that the outfits hug the body but is not too tight.

2. Keeping it simple
If you want to look great, remember never to overdo it. For instance, never wear more than three colours or three types of jewellery at once. Choose minimalistic patterns on men’s ties. Even when you want to go flashy, you can do it in style. Go for a dressy belt, watch, or shoes but don’t wear all chunky pieces at once.

3. Pay attention to fabric

When it comes to fabrics, your top half should match your bottom half. If you are wearing a rugged knit sweater, the bottom needs to be rugged too. A sweater like that will look better with jeans and cargo pants rather than silk suit pants.


4. Have fun with casual
Wearing casual does not mean that you let go entirely and throw on anything near at hand. Have fun with the collared shirts and pick up interesting footwear to go with your casual. Your aim when you wear casual should be to look effortlessly stylish.


5. Don’t underestimate the details
According to a popular saying in the fashion world, the last thing you put on is the first thing noticed. So, never forget to keep an eye out for details when you put together a look. Detailing can include a simple pocket square, scarf, cufflinks, or the way you do your tie knot.


6. Pay attention to your shoes
Believe it or not, shoes are the first thing noticed in your look, especially by women. You can wear the latest and trendiest clothes, but if your shoes don't match up to it, the look falls flat. Clean and sharp shoes symbolise that you are a man of taste; so invest in a few good pairs of leather shoes for men.


7. Understand trends before following them
Following trends blindly is one the biggest mistakes you can make as not all that is trending is going to suit your body type or style. Many men give in to the latest trend and get a bunch of clothes that they eventually never end up wearing. Understand and try on the latest trends before going for it.

Remember that fashion is fleeting, but the style is forever. Bringing simple changes to your style by following these tips will undoubtedly add more panache to your personality.

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