Football’s Most Fashionable Players

The countdown to the World Cup is on, teams have been announced and i’m seeing more and more flags appearing across Britain, on cars, dangling from windows and on the side of buses, so it was only right to do a football related post.

When I was a youngster, I never really thought about players personal lives, other than what they do on the football field, but as I’ve become more aware that they’re actually just humans I’ve taken notice of different aspects, such as where they hang out (through social media) and particularly for this post, what they wear. So, with this in mind, i’ve taken a look into some of Football’s most fashionable players.

Ryan Bertrand

I read an interview with Ryan Bertrand, where he stated that one of his favourite brands are OFF-WHITE and Louis Vuitton, which says a lot about his style. He’s definitely someone who knows his luxury streetwear, but can switch it up for the star-spangled events footballers get invited to.

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Getting ready for tonight #GQAwards #MOTY #fashion #Gucci

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He’s a decent baller too, obviously, but ever since I read the interview i’ve noticed his swagger, but not in an annoying way, he seems a level headed guy. Being from London, the forefront of his fashion style comes from there, and the way luxury streetwear brands are infusing with football style is something he’s got on board with, and is pulling it off well.

Rio Ferdinand

I know he’s not currently playing, but there’s no denying Rio has style. He’s usually found being a pundit on BT Sports and I have to admit, he does usually speak a lot of sense on there. Anyway, back to fashion, he’s just become the face of Pioneer Grooming which i’m pretty excited to check out (see video below).

When it comes to what brands he’s been spotted wearing, you can expect the likes of his own brand FIVE Supply, Acne Studios and Scotch & Soda. His style sways more to good quality products and materials, as opposed to outlandish shirts and patterns, which is definitely why I find his style something to admire. The likes of Acne tend to be solid, bold colours with minimal labels, usually pricing around £300 for knitwear, £100 for tees.


David Alaba

One from the Bundesliga now, Alaba is a cool guy, you can just tell on the football field from his calmness on the ball, laid back but in a good way. I always see him as a bit of a hipster in the footballing world, a character which we need more of. He hangs out with the likes of Drake and Odell Beckham Jr, which says a lot about his style in itself.

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S E V I L L A 🇪🇸

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He’s usually seen flexing brands such as Supreme or A Bathing Ape, and is part of the rare breed of footballers who are on the cutting edge both on and off the field, similar to Bertrand in style (must be something about full backs right?). Also, keep an eye out for his own brand DA27, influenced by his taste in music and fashion.

Anyone i’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments below, and check out which brand was voted the favourite of the British public.

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