Home Improvements and the Best Interiors for Summer

If there’s a perfect time to do up the house, it’s now in early summer. The lighter evenings allow you to work on the home for longer and also means you can get jobs done after work midweek. The nicer weather brightens up everyone’s mood and fresh ideas come with that.

With this in mind, and with me feeling inspired myself, i’ve put together a little post about the top interior trends for the summer months, along with home improvements you could make to go alongside this.


Extending the Garden into the Home

One thing I absolutely love about home interiors is bringing a bit of greenery into the home with a wide array of house plants. The different shades of green and house plant shapes brings a whole new element to the home, with hanging plants on shelves, to large potted plants standing tall next to technology, ornaments and furniture.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden too, you can really utilise this space in the home with choosing bifold doors for the back of your home, allowing you to open them up and view the wonderful space you’ve created outdoors. These are also perfect for if you’re entertaining guests, such as a barbecues, allowing people to easily switch between being outside and in. If that’s not for you, then make sure you get replacement windows in your home, which can help improve the overall look from the outside.

Create a Minimalistic Feel to the Home

In my personal opinion, when the weather is warm, I want my home to be as minimalistic as possible, with the complete opposite in Winter. In Winter, I like the home to be cosy, a place you can really feel comfortable in without having to leave the home, but in summer this is the opposite.

Minimalism interior design is a great trend for Summer. Colours such as Mustard, Grey, Blue and Greens go well with the minimalistic theme, and in terms of patterns you can’t go wrong with marble effects and geometric prints. To really nail the geometric theme for the home, keep an eye out for honeycomb hive and hexagon patterns, and in terms of marble effects, introduce this in the cushions and bedding, along with prints on the wall.

The perfect colour scheme for Summer? Blue

There’s no better time to introduce the colour blue to your home than at Summer. It’s a colour that is clean, fresh and most importantly calming, the good thing is it can work for almost any room too, depending on the shade.

If you’re looking to only introduce a small bit of the colour blue into your home, then go for a feature wall this colour, or introduce it through soft furnishings without going full overboard in the home. If this is in the kitchen for example, then you could introduce a blue splash board, along with a blue kettle or toaster to really add effect (goes well with white kitchen doors), or if it’s the bedroom you’re looking to upgrade for the summer, then blue cushions with a blue patterned wallpaper would look great, not forgetting the curtains!

What’s your top interior trend for summer? Let us know in the comments below…

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9 thoughts on “Home Improvements and the Best Interiors for Summer

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