Think A Stylish Tailored Suit is Beyond Your Budget? Times Have Changed

With the warmer weather finally starting to arrive, chances are you’ll have a few formal events to attend in the coming months. Whether it’s a wedding, a summer party, or an interview for that dream job you’ve been chasing, there will be times where looking smart is not just a nice thing to do — it’s a necessity.

On top of those spring fashion essentials to keep you looking at your best at this time of year, every man needs one perfect suit; that one outfit that matches your style, fits you to a tee and can be worn at any kind of event that encourages a smart dress code. That means a tailored suit — a phrase that is usually met with browses through Pinterest and window shopping, rather than an actual purchase.


A great, tailored suit is often a pipedream for most men, simply priced too high to be affordable. Hiring a one-off suit or settling for ill-fitting, average attire straight off the rack is the sacrifice we often have to make. Well, thanks to forward-thinking companies and the power of the internet, us gentleman seeking that show-stealing suit no longer need to go without.

Online Tailored Suits Are Changing The Game For Fashion-Focused Men

The ability for businesses and retailers to go online and sell products there has well and truly changed the game. Not only does it limit the overheads for many companies, allowing them to charge less for items and offer more value to the customer; it creates more competition within the industry, too. Smaller brands have the chance to compete fairly against the big names, creating a race to the bottom when it comes to prices.

Buying a tailored suit used to consist of awkward visits to a tailor, long sessions of fitting and measurements, then forking out an extortionate wedge of cash for your suit. Today, things are very different. Independent and exciting brands are offering tailored suits that are varied, timeless and stylish — and at a fraction of the cost you’ll be used to. A stunning two-piece or even three-piece suit can now be picked up for as little as £200, rarely any more than £300. That’s not bad at all for a suit designed perfectly for you that’ll make you the best-dressed man at events for years to come.

Worried that purchasing online means you won’t be able to get a feel for your suit before making a purchase? Worry not. Fabric samples can be sent to you, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into — literally.

Essential Tips for Buying the Right Tailored Suit Online

Of course, you still need a bit of knowledge under your well-fitting belt when you go into purchasing that perfect suit. Measurements; materials; styles; these are stars that need to align if you’re going to find that two-piece that has you looking at your absolute best. Let’s start at the top…

The Jacket — A snug fit on your shoulders is the vital component of any great jacket, whilst getting the sleeve length right (so they end where the joints of your thumbs begin) is the key to showing it’s a perfect fit. Aim for the shoulder seam to align as well as possible with the joint of your shoulder, too. The padding in the shoulder is all down to your preference, but be advised that too much padding over a toned upper body can make you look extremely broad.

The Trousers — Finding the right trousers all comes down to finding a fit that balances between being comfortable enough to move around in, but not being so loose that you need a belt to keep them in place. Once you’ve nailed that part, ensure the hem position is so that the leg falls in a straight line, leaving enough material to not expose your sock or leg, but not so much that it piles up and creases.

Materials and Accessories — The material you choose for your tailored suit is as important to the overall look as anything else. Wool is a classic option that boasts many positives when it comes to both how you look and how you feel, and will very rarely feel out of place at any occasion. Don’t be afraid to try out other options, though. Tweed, for example, has experienced a massive comeback in recent years; a comfortable, alternative material that often exudes style and timelessness.

Once the material is chosen, try out all your favourite cufflinks, belts and ties to give your tailored suit that personal touch. For a classic, single-colour suit, an adventurous style of tie can give it a touch of vibrance, whilst a simple tie paired with a daring suit can create a juxtaposed style that shows you’re fashion-aware.


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