Which Fashion Brand Would You Wear for the Rest of your Life?

I recently stumbled upon some recent survey results from the guys over at Stand-Out who asked 3,000 of us which brand we’d pick to wear if we could only choose one for the rest of our lives, to no surprise it was Levi’s.

Ever since I found the results, I’ve actually noticed how popular the brand is out there on the British streets, in particular the red Levi’s logo on a white or grey t-shirt. The thing is, the results are no surprise as every Levi’s product i’ve owned is fantastic quality and looks great too, as it fuses the boundaries between streetwear and smart.


The men’s online designer store conducted the survey to 3,000 men across the UK and Europe, with a staggering 39.6% saying Levi’s was their top choice to wear. Famous worldwide for its denim jeans, it’s hardly surprising that these male fashionistas chose this American clothing company which has been providing men across the world with clothing they can rely on since 1853. An industry leader when it comes to denim, Levi’s created the world’s best selling pair of jeans and has since expanded their superior men’s clothing line while maintaining its commitment to designer quality.

Favourite Brand Graph Snippet

In case you’re interested what brands came next, the following 4 were Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, The North Face and Superdry, which is surprising to me. Out of the top 5, i’d only really wear The North Face and Levi’s but fashion can change across European countries.

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