Feature: 85 Years Old & Still Tattooing

“I think when people talk about age, they give up too early”. Meet Doc Price, who’s 85 years old and has been tattooing with his own shop in Brighton for around 47 years. Pretty inspirational stuff and goes to show you’re never too old to 1. Set up a new business and 2. follow your dreams and not give up too early.

The thing is, from a design perspective, he’s actually brilliant! Using traditional techniques and tattooing mainly in freehand, as opposed to using a stencil like many of the newer artists, and has created his own style which has progressed over the years. You can hear some of his stories over the years in this brilliant video from SunLife below.

The thing I like most about watching the video is his warm character, which you can tell is one of the main reasons why he has so many customers coming back and trusting his skills and designs. He started out in his teenage years working as a bricklayer in the day and tattoo artists in the evening, saying he used to go and tattoo his workmates on the building site. He got his first tattoo when he was only 14 (which was a tribute to his Mum) and he’s just taken off from there, following his dreams and turning his interests into a business, no matter what age you are, that is inspiring.

I can’t say i’m going to be a tattoo artist, but watching the video has allowed me to think of things differently, that there’s no age limit on anything, you can do whatever you like, when you like, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

To view Doc’s story in full, check it out here: https://www.sunlife.co.uk/life-cover/over-50-life-insurance/welcome-to-life-after-50/i-am-85-and-still-tattooing/

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