Staying Stylish When the Rain is Pouring

It is the time of year when getting caught up in the rain is inevitable. But when you live in the UK, is there a time when this isn’t a possibility? However, just because the heavens have opened, it doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your sense of style. In this article, we are going to be talking you through a few of the staples and essentials which will help you to look your best while battling the elements.

Choose a High-Quality Raincoat


A decent raincoat is your first point of protection when it is raining – and this doesn’t mean an old poncho that you got from a theme park log flume years ago! In fact, there is plenty of stylish rainwear clothing for men beyond the regular old anoraks. Essentially, you should be looking for a durable jacket that is going to keep you warm and dry, as well as not looking out of place on the days when it is not raining. Try going for one which is a little loose as it will be more breathable and you still have the option of layering up if it gets very cold.

Hats On to You

If you are not interested in getting a coat or hat with a bulky hood attached to it, investing in a hat is the ideal solution. As long as it is not the kind of straw hat that you get by the beach, it is going to do its job in keeping your head dry. And if you are worried about your brand new beanie getting soaked through, there are plenty of waterproof sprays which will help to keep it protected so it will become just as good as a raincoat hood.

If the Shoe Fits…


Squelching around with soaking wet feet is one of the worst things about a rainy day. Just because you are wearing waterproof shoes, it doesn’t mean that they have to be unsightly wellington boots. If you are looking for a versatile option that will still protect your feet, some classic Timberland boots are always a good choice.


The most practical accessory to carry around on a rainy day is obviously an umbrella. And there are plenty of stylish options out there which will keep you as dry as a bone. There are also plenty of waterproof bags out there which may be worth investing in. As an alternative, you could carry around some foldable waterproof bags to put over the top or to keep your wet clothes inside. And if you are a watch-wearer, it is worth checking out some water-resistant options as there are so many different styles out there.

Just because it is raining, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still walk around in style with your head held high. These are just a few fashion tips that will keep you looking at your best and stop the rain from getting you down.

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