Not A Social Sportler? No Problem

According to the media, the Millennial generation is the most fitness-conscious generation so far. With many gym addicts and group sports aficionados, it’s easy to see how we’ve gained such a positive reputation. However, it would be unfair to assume that everyone is made for the gym. In fact, there are still a lot of people who are natural shy towards social sports situations. If you don’t like to train in large groups, or if you don’t respond positively to peer pressure, you’re probably one of those individuals who are avoiding the gym. However, social discomfort doesn’t have to be synonymous with lack of fitness. In fact, you can find the ideal solution to enjoy getting fit again without having to face social comparisons or expectations. There are plenty of activities that are designed to ease social anxiety, without losing any of the fun and health benefits of sports.


When the local gym is just too popular

If you’ve signed to the local gym and haven’t been a regular because the pressure of being among other people – and some maybe fitter or stronger than you – made you feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that the gym isn’t for you. It just means that you may be better off with an individual studio where you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of training in front of everyone else. So, what’s stopping you from creating your own gym studio at home? Be sure to stick to a budget, which means avoiding big brands – as ultimately the equipment of a public gym is designed to stand the wear and tear of hundreds of gym users every day. You can choose simpler and cost-effective gears without losing any of the fitness benefits.

Adrenaline-fueled 1-2-1 activities

Social anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t train with anyone else. It means you find it difficult to perform in social groups. But 1-2-1 activities can provide the right level of social interactions and motivation you need to stay fit and have fun. For instance, you could try joining a boxing class to release your stress and improve your endurance. In terms of gear, all you need is a mouthguard – SafeJawz Mouthguards have a great selection – some hand wraps and a pair of shorts. If you want more finesse in your fitness, try fencing which combines strategy, flexibility, and speed. Besides, you get to feel like Zorro too!

Unleash your solo adventurer

The difficulty with keeping fit is to find a workout that motivates you. If you don’t like to do crunch abs series and weight lifting, you need something playful that keeps you entertained. Indoor rock climbing offers the adrenaline boost you might need at the end of a hard day. Contrary to other types of climbing, you don’t need a partner for this one as you can find plenty of indoors bouldering centres that provide a padding surface for solo climbers. It’s just you and the wall. No interruption. No partner. Just the strength of your own body to take you to the top.

Social anxiety doesn’t have to be the end of your fitness resolutions. Whether you love the idea of a gym studio at home or the feeling of freedom you gain from pushing your body to the limit of its strength and flexibility, there is something for you out there.

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