To Fold or To Hang your Dress Shirt?

Very often the question does come to mind… but like a fleeting thought that never catches your attention, this too usually goes unanswered with a shrug… lost into oblivion.

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However, despite its very ephemeral properties, it’s actually an important question.

Because not everything should be folded and not everything hung. There are factors to be kept in mind when deciding to hang or fold your clothes such as:
1. Material – sturdy or prone to creases
2. Weight – light or heavy
3. And of course, closet space.
However, having said that there is no clear winner to whether a dress shirt should be folded or hung. So I’ve decided to give you the pros to both and let you be the judge of that.

Advantages of Hanging your Dress Shirt
– It will always be moth/mildew-free. Hanging up damp shirt helps air it better and
keep it away from getting eaten.
– It also steers clear of wrinkles and is less problematic during ironing
– You can maintain the stiffness of your collar which otherwise would be ruined
when folded and with other clothes placed on top of it.
– And of course, it allows you quicker access and flexibility to mix and match with
your suits.

Advantages of Folding your Dress Shirt
– Shirts worn less should be folded so as to not lose its lustre due to being hung
unused for such long periods of time thus causing indentions.
– Also resolves closet space problems.
– And easier to pick and pack when travelling.

Image 3.jpg
Some things to keep in mind when folding or hanging
1. Avoid wire hangers. Choose wood.
2. Keep the hangers properly spaced in your closet so as to not crease the shirts
3. Try and hang the shirts properly with the shoulder seams matching the hanger edge.
4. When folding delicate items, using tissue paper to line the folds to keep it long lasting
and wrinkle free.
With these important points you can thus decide the best course of action your custom dress shirt needs.

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