4 Ways To Make Going To Sports Games Exciting

Sports industry pundits are the people who are the most aware of the sales and revenue that ticket sales generate during the sports season, and with more people enjoying a sporting experience at home, this gets worrying. Watching sports hasn’t gone down in popularity by any stretch, but the number of people who are attending games is slowly dwindling.

The main reason for this is technology. Why do the usual routine of heading to the bookies to place a bet then heading to the stadium of your favourite team, when you can switch on the 50” TV and place a bet with Betalyst.com instead? The evolution of the at-home theatre experience has been an exciting one, but it’s taking fans away from the stands. When you add in the sheer cost of season tickets for sports now compared to a decade ago, there are plenty of valid reasons for people to stay inside in the warm on match day. People are crying out for a better, more enhanced experience from the powers that be in sports, and if you are a fan who is ready to invest cash and time into attending games, then you want something back. So, we’ve put together four ways that live games can be far more exciting for fans and bring people back to the pitch:

1 When a referee and his linesmen disagree on a play, they have a huddle and talk it out. The fans in the stadium, the officials in the paddocks and the players on the pitch are all oblivious to that conversation. If it was allowed that the fans could hear the replays or the analysis of the play that everyone has just seen, fans would feel more included. Sure, they don’t get to have an input on the decisions made, but they’ve all just watched the play happen, so they may as well get to hear what the officials think!

2 During a match, team managers often pep talk their teams at the start and half time. If we could all hear the strategy that they had in mind in real time, either on the board or via speakers, the game experience could be enhanced for the fans. They’d get to know the inner thoughts of those in charge!

3 When you watch a match at home, you constantly hear play analysis, opinions of the coaches and the commentary. Those who spend the money on season tickets and actually attend a game don’t get to hear any of that banter or camaraderie. Why pay for an experience if you aren’t going to get the entire thing?

4 Data is so important during a sports game. People at home get to see stats and data on their screens about players, goals and games, so why not include the people at the stadium in those stats?

Attending live games can be fun if changes can be made. There’s nothing wrong with an at-home experience, but it can get a little lonely and most importantly? There’s no atmosphere.

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