Different Ways to Keep Fit that Aren’t Boring

Combine Music and Fitness

As someone who is obsessed with music and likes to (try) and keep fit, these options are a perfect choice. I’m not just talking sticking your headphones in whilst going on a run (although I would recommend going wireless if so), i’m talking about music specific activities where, if you like the music, doesn’t feel like the usual exercise effort anyway.

There is two that springs to mind for me. The first one is the fantastic Morning Gloryville, which is a company which puts on raves in the morning! I’m not much of a morning person, so always find it a struggle to get up and head to the gym, but I do enjoy a rave so would definitely be up for this. They’re sober, drug-free raves with fitness in mind, so expect high-tempo tunes from proper DJ’s (the likes of Fatboy Slim has performed in the past) and are getting more popular all over the country.

The other one that’s good for music fans is one I saw on a viral Facebook video once, and it really caught my eye. I’m a fan of Drum & Bass, and they basically turned this 180 bpm genre into a fitness activity, which is great whether you like the music or not. One I saw was a company called Fight Klub who put these on around the country and in London’s Boxpark. It’s basically boxercise and martial arts but with a belter of a soundtrack.


Swimming is something that’s usually overlooked by a lot of fitness fanatics, and I feel that’s due to not feel the sweat and power you would on a treadmill or spinning, but it’s actually amazing for you. Swimming builds up endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular strength and helps maintain a healthy weight, lungs and heart. If you set yourself challenges in terms of laps/lengths and better these on a weekly basis, you’ll really feel the results.


Make the most of having swimming as a weekly activity and get kitted out with the likes of ZoggsΒ to help boost confidence with their extensive range of styles, fits and as a performance specialist will help you work towards your fitness goals.

Unusual Yoga


I have to admit, yoga isn’t something I’ve tried or even thought about trying, but it’s hard not to miss all the viral videos going around about new yoga trends, which is sort of getting me tempted. My favourite ones I’ve seen is ‘doga’, which is the one for dog owners. It’s basically doing yoga poses with your dog, which helps improve the bond and another excuse to hang around with them, and other people’s dogs. You can find ‘doga’ in most cities and there’s also plenty of videos online to check out.

Other unusual yoga activities include ‘beer yoga’, where you celebrate each move with a swig of the good stuff (low calorie of course), ‘pizza yoga’ which I think is a bit silly but I won’t complain and ‘noise yoga’, which is the complete opposite to the usual calming activity and features loud music.

What’s your favourite way to keep fit that others might not have thought about? Let us know in the comments below…

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