Top Tips for Increasing your Property Value

Properties, renovations and interior designs are something i’ve featured quote a lot on my blog. I’m always looking for the latest trends and tips on improving the home, whether this is art on the walls, furniture or different colour schemes that work well in different seasons.


When I came across this guide from Sloane & Sons all about renovations that will increase your property value, it inspired me to come up with some ideas of my own. I really liked the idea of increasing the property’s value by upgrading a statement room, either the living room or kitchen is probably the most important. Adding a more modern and clean look to your kitchen can make all the difference and is certainly something I look for straight away when viewing a property. It’s actually pretty cheap to renovate the kitchen too and something as simple as changing the kitchen cupboard doors and changing the colour scheme of appliances works a treat.

Another factor of the home that buyers are looking at paying more for when viewing a property is how eco-friendly it is. This can be everything from solar panelling (quite expensive but worth while in the long run), to simpler things like LED light bulbs, which can increase your energy bills by 90%, and insulating lofts and basements to installing a thermostat. A lot of these things you don’t think of improving when selling your home, due to high costs on something you’re not going to be living in, but it makes all the difference to the buyer and can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of pounds when someone is purchasing.

What are your top tips for renovating the home ready to sell to a buyer? Let me know in the comments below…

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