My Favourite Cheap Coffee for When You’re on a Budget

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more my taste palette changes. Admittedly, there still things I don’t like the taste of (cheese, I know it’s weird), but over the past few year’s i’ve grown fond of cups of tea, olives, white wine and the most important one, coffee.


Liking coffee is great, I didn’t know there was so many different types and blends out there, I literally just thought coffee was coffee and that’s that. But since being more open to the different style of having coffee (flat whites are the best), i’ve also realised how expensive it is too! I’ve already become a bit of a coffee snob, independent cafes instead of the chains, and that coffee with hot water is a complete no go. So with this expensive new taste, it’s hard to get your coffee fix when you can’t afford going out. I must say, I’ve even started to look for roasted coffee beans on subscription so I can regularly receive good quality coffee. I just haven’t made the jump yet!

There is options to have at home though, i’ve got a Nespresso machine, and with a new Nespresso boutique store just opened up in my city of Liverpool, it means I can have the coffee shop tastes but in my own home. The machine was only around £80 with Aeroccino, and the pods aren’t too expensive either, not compared to the cafes anyway! I’ve been in to the store itself and they allowed me to taste the different blends and after telling them i’m interested in trying a stronger coffee they recommended one, which I now love.

There are cheaper coffee machines you can get for the home too though. I’ve had the Dolce Gusto machine, and another favourite of mine is the Tassimo VIVY 2 machine, which is only around £40. There’s loads of deals out there for cheap Tassimo pods too so you don’t really need to worry about running out,  stock up on payday and you should be fine! There’s also Milka and Oreo ones too 😍👌

What’s your favourite coffee machine for the home? I’m open to trying new ones now i’m a bit of a coffee fanatic, but i’ll also make time for independent coffee shop recommendations.

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