Why You Should Experience the Maldives on a Yacht

Ari Atoll

Always wanted to see a hammerhead shark, Manta Ray, or another pelagic fish? Ari Atoll is famous for its diving spots and marine life. Complete with colourful reefs full of fish, this island offers the chance to swim with mantas, eagle rays, and reef sharks. Making the ideal snorkelling holiday, this is the perfect activity for families, offering an educational and unique holiday experience.

Ari Atoll also has some of the most well-known sea-wrecks that have become popular destinations for divers, so if you have an underwater camera or go-pro this is the time to use it. Yachts for charter like the Nawaimaa, are a luxury way to explore this stunning location, giving you the golden chance to experience the Maldivian waters in full, viewing the marine life from above and also below if you opt to scuba dive.

A more traditional activity you could participate in here is sunset fishing. Arguably the oldest profession in the Maldives, fishing is among the most rewarding activities made available to the active traveller. Reef Bottom fishing with line and weights on the dive tender, where you can catch common reef fish including Red Snappers, Jacks and Job Fish.

Nawaimaa Maldives Yacht.jpg

North Male Atoll

Island hopping in a country consisting of 1,192 coral islands and countless lagoons, conjures up images of a dream destination with endless adventures! Cruising along the North Male Atoll on a private yacht, offers a glimpse of life on this local island. During your time on the island you have the opportunity to go diving, relax in the sunshine, and even meet some of the locals. This trip is the perfect way to fully experience the Maldivian way of life.

Vaavu Atoll

It’s not a secret that the healthy reefs around Maldives are a haven for fishing enthusiasts. For the big game savvy guests, the options for a good catch are limitless, there’s no better way to experience the thrills of deep sea big game fishing than from a luxury yacht. Catering for novice and expert trawlers, big game fishing allows you to catch a sight of the Maldives’ picturesque landscape, and with some luck, you can catch a fish too.

This island is an ideal place for families to enjoy some quality time together; spend the day snorkelling, plan BBQ lunches or picnics on the beach, and explore the island on a fun adventure as you make holiday memories to last a lifetime. You could even have a go at beach and water sports, water Sports, a guided snorkelling experience on the reef, whilst getting to see Maldivian life and their day-to-day activities.

Hanifaru Bay

Enjoy a wonderful and relaxing cruise to the jewel in the biological crown of Baa Atoll; Hanifaru Bay. Yacht charters here are a truly world class experience, and an ideal visiting location for wildlife enthusiasts. The funnel-like reef at Hanifaru Bay is recorded as the world’s largest feeding station for whale sharks and schools of manta rays.

This bay offers the best snorkelling and diving experience, allowing you to get up-close with the Manta Rays and whale sharks and plenty other marine life. Snorkelling with Manta Rays is an extraordinary experience, and a great educational activity that David Attenborough would approve of.


While here you can visit the uninhabited island of Muthaafushi, thanks to the power of travelling by yacht. The Maldives is home to a great many uninhabited islands offering the perfect escape where you can get away from it all and go off the grid in tropical paradise, hopping from island to island.

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