Ways to Travel Without Slumming It in Hostels

Getting the chance to travel the world is something that many people dream of but only the few, the lucky few get the experience. Additionally, those who do travel tend to stick to the tried and tested formula of packing a backpack the same size as they are, lugging it over their shoulders, and bouncing from hostel to hostel across distant lands.

But while this is the most popular way of travelling, it is far from the only way. The amount of opportunities available to us nowadays means that there are so many different ways to see the world that don’t involve sharing bathrooms, worrying about bed bugs, and falling from your bunk bed in a confused and drunken stupor.



One of the things that stops a lot of people travelling is the fact that they haven’t saved the money or don’t have the security to quit (or take leave) from their job for an extended period. However, the opportunities to get away are there; it is all about how you do it.

One of the best ways to fund your travelling lifestyle is by obtaining a TEFL certification and teaching abroad. Places such as Thailand and China offer a substantial stipend for your service, as long as you are adequately qualified. You can work on a six- or twelve-month contract, save your money, and see the world after being immersed in the culture for a significant amount of time, which saves any culture shock that might occur.


We’ve all seen those posts on Imgur or Reddit about people pooling their money after looking for used cars for sale and transforming a VW van into a little mobile home to take them all across the world.

And this could be you! The freedom of taking your vehicle wherever you want without having to worry about paying for hostel beds or hotel rooms is something that will add a whole other dimension to your travel experience. Furthermore, you won’t be tied down to any schedule and so can stay in one place as long or as little as you need. The open road is there to be explored, so it would be a waste to ignore it any longer.


Another way to travel is by volunteering at for workaway programs and immersing yourself in the culture by staying with local families who will provide somewhere to sleep as well as daily meals. This will be in return for you doing jobs around the house or farm or business they are running.

A workaway means you don’t spend anything on accommodation and so can save your money for further travels after your residency ends. This is an excellent way to experience something that many travellers don’t get the opportunity to and will keep you out of the big cities and allow you to soak in the lesser known areas of any country.

Discovering the world in a way that many people often neglect, whether it be due to time constraints or mere convenience is something that may seem intimidating. However, the memories and experiences you will make from going against the grain is something that will open your eyes to what many people are missing and give you stories to tell the rest of your life.

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