Ethical Lifestyle Changes to Consider

Nowadays we’re more aware than ever of the impact that our lifestyles have in the world around us. So, rather than simply acknowledging our problematic behaviour, it’s time that we started changing it. Here are a couple of different areas that you can focus on to create a better world not only for yourself but for everyone else in it too!


Go Veggie
There are various ethical implications when it comes to eating meat. First, it’s cruel to animals, violating their rights as sentient beings. Every year, billions of different land animals and animals from the sea are sent to slaughter after living in awful conditions thanks to factory farming techniques. Another thing to bear in mind is the negative impact that meat consumption has on the environment: it uses vast amounts of water and contributes greatly the greenhouse gas emissions. It’s extremely simple to live healthily with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, so there’s no excuse to not give it a try besides valuing your own taste and convenience over the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants. So, start taking a look at new ingredients and plant-based recipes. To live healthily, you will also have to make up for anything that will be removed from your diet with the removal of meat. Consider protein supplements from and foods fortified with vitamin B12.


Ditch Plastic

Plastic has become a pretty go-to option for manufacturers and consumers alike. It’s easy to make and easy to shape, meaning that it can be used to create just about anything. However, the huge downside is that plastic is one of the least environmental materials out there. It takes years to biodegrade and often will not biodegrade at all, littering land and sea alike. The fact that it’s often used for disposable items and packaging that will be used once and tossed aside after one use. So, it’s time to start using alternatives! Start small. Purchase loose fruit and vegetables rather than those in plastic packaging. Also, avoid pre-chopped or peeled options. Fruit and vegetables come in their own natural skins which form protective barriers and need nothing else. Chopping and peeling yourself doesn’t take too much time at all. You should also invest in tote bags to place your groceries in. Instead of buying water out, purchase a reusable bottle which can be refilled time and time again. The same goes for coffee cups. Most coffee shops will be happy to fill your own flask, and many will offer you a discount for doing so. As you begin cutting plastic out, you will find alternatives for almost any plastic item in your life. Right down to using bamboo toothbrushes instead of standard ones.


These are just two lifestyle changes that you can consider and try out yourself. Engaging with either will have a profoundly positive influence on the world around you. No matter how small one person’s contribution may seem, it’s always significant! You may have a couple of slip-ups every now and then, but don’t beat yourself up about it. You will improve and adjust as you go along.

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