Online or Offline Gaming, Which Do I Prefer?

I’ve never been a full on ‘gamer’ as such, to the point of investing weeks on end to be the best, but I have played consoles since the days of games like Alex Kidd on the SEGA Master System and Super Mario on the N64. It’s always been something I’ve done in my spare time and it’s been great to see how things have shifted.

Having a brother was great as a kid, it was always good having someone to play against, or complete a game with, but gaming now is completely different. I’d say the majority of games on the PS4 have to be connected online, in particular the new GT Sport. Everything has downloadable content which needs the internet, and it’s just common practice to now play games online against players all over the world, rather than being sat in the same room with someone you know.

Is it better or worse? Personally I think it’s better. Yeah it’s great when you’ve got a few mates round and playing ‘winner stays on’ on FIFA, but with everything, I like having some sort of achievement noted down, instead of throwaway wins. That’s the good thing about online gaming, either on a console or on the internet, there’s more rewards you can get out of it, whether that’s points to download more content, achievements on your profile, leaderboards or even more through things like online bingo sites and sports betting.

I like the way gaming has shifted and advanced as the years have gone on, and i’m excited to find out what is next. Playstation introducing the ability to play remotely through your laptop was something I really enjoyed (see the above picture), along with the likes of Nintendo and their Switch console making it possible to continue a game wherever you are, and virtual reality putting yourself in the actual games.

One things for sure though, i’ll never forget those early gaming memories. I still see the Nintendo 64 as my favourite console ever, closely followed by the Playstation 1. Games such as Spyro the Dragon, Zelda, SSX Tricky, NBA Street (I could go on forever…) are better left as memories than remakes and some of the best years of my life. I did however cave in and download an emulator for Pokemon Red last year, which was just as good as it ever was.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer playing games online or are you an old skool gamer? Let me know in the comments below…

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