Bring the Outdoors in with These Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Horrible weather can seem as much a mainstay of British life as Yorkshire puddings and inept performances at Eurovision. For this reason, completely disregarding the season as we head into our gardens isn’t typically a good idea in this country.

However, we can still blur the boundary between our inside and outside spaces to ensure that we can enjoy many of the benefits of open-air life while still getting sufficient warmth and shelter.


Carefully position the windows to allow great views

One particularly big merit of a major home improvement endeavour is that you don’t simply have to accept your windows’ positioning; instead, you can alter it or even start completely afresh.

Homebuilding & Renovating calls suitable positioning of windows “an art form”. This is because the windows’ locations will affect not only the quality of the views but also the house’s exterior appearance. Thus, you might need a skilful architect or designer to help you achieve the best results.

Preserve a similarity between your exterior and interior materials

While certain materials might be better-suited to the outdoors than interiors or vice versa, it’s still possible to choose building materials that can look similar despite the boundary between them.

Through selecting materials in this way, you can make the transition between interior and outdoor areas look gradual rather than abrupt. You could, for example, opt for a timber-clad ceiling to use for both a kitchen and a terrace just outside it.

Set up a transitional space

On the subject of transitions, you have a large choice of means through which you can achieve those. You could, for example, arrange for the installation of a sunroom or conservatory, both traditional options for more firmly connecting a home to a garden.

Alternatively, you could consider a loggia – which, while sheltered, would remain open on at least one side to let you experience some of the elements without rain directly falling on your head.

Decorate your transitional spaces with plants

It might seem like an incredibly obvious thing to say that you would be bringing more of the outside inside by taking plants into your sheltered spaces, but you may not have realised what a sumptuous visual effect this can produce when it’s your transitional spaces where plants are used as decoration.

Even right now, you don’t have to just imagine that effect; instead, you can see it in photos on the Country Living website. It can amusingly look like your plants are sneaking in from the garden…

Soften the threshold between exterior and interior flooring

If you have the idea to use the same flooring for your patio as for the interior room that opens out onto it, you could have that flooring seamlessly run between the two spaces. Nonetheless, the exterior flooring should slightly fall to lead excess rainwater to run off it.

Also remember that, with bifold patio doors, you can further strengthen the look and feel of a visually uninterrupted continuation between your patio and the connecting inside space.

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