Turning Your Design Ideas in to Something More

Design is something i’ve always had an interest in, but never pursued further. I’ve always been intrigued by the different thoughts and creativity that goes in to a design, anything from the huge impact of a minimalistic design, to something more vibrant and busy.

I started this blog off about 5 or so years now, and it was originally a place to showcase cutting edge designs and various British independent fashion labels, the ones I thought were doing something a little different to the rest. This space has gone a bit more lifestyle recently, but I still talk about products from a design perspective and how good design helps influence my decision to buy something.


Anyway, whilst we’re on the subject, I thought about all the different ways of showcasing your designs in a cool way, whether they end up as products for yourself, or as a gift (Christmas coming up and all that). Take a look and let me know what you think:

T-Shirt Printing

I used to actually create designs digitally, with t-shirts in mind, but never actually got round to physically creating these. This is a good way of showcasing your creations and looking good at the same time! Maybe ask about and see if people would actually wear them first, but if so you could even make a business from it.

Companies like Printsome can help with this and they even work with bulk orders if you fancy making some cash from it, if not then they also do minimum prints to just treat yourself, let’s be fair there’s nothing worse than wearing the same t-shirt as someone else, so design your own!

Canvas Prints

If you own your own home/apartment, and, like me, you’re always checking out Instagram and Pinterest for home interior ideas, then this is a good idea. Create canvas prints of your design creations from what inspires you and turn it in to something to look at in the home, the good thing about creating your own designs and not spending big money means you can rotate what’s on your wall depending on the season.

This can become a good conversation starter for anyone visiting your home, stick it up on social media too and who knows you might end up getting people wanting to order! If so, places like etsy are good to start up an online business.

Online Showcase


Something a bit different to the other two, but there’s loads of sites and social media channels out there perfect for designers, so instead of keeping your designs to yourself, why not showcase them online and create a following of people who are interested in your style and work.

As mentioned above too, your followers might be interested in purchasing some of your designs through these sites and social media channels. Having a community online can help create some more ideas of your own and there’s also the potential to collaborate with others. Instagram is a good place for this, but there’s also sites like dribbble.

Inspired, send me through some links to your work, I love checking them out and getting some new ideas.

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